Corvil Delivers First Ever Unified Application and Network Latency Management System

By Corvil, PRNE
Sunday, May 23, 2010

New CorvilNet Release Offers Transaction, Message and Packet Latency Management In One Enterprise Scale Platform

LONDON and NEW YORK, May 24, 2010 - Corvil, provider of latency management systems for financial markets,
today added application monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting to its
market-leading CorvilNet latency management system. By unifying application
and network latency management together with high capacity packet capture,
CorvilNet offers customers for the first time a single platform solution for
all their latency management and data capture requirements. Competing
solutions require multiple products to be deployed adding more cost and do
not provide reliable analysis of latency problems happening at the
application and network layers.

The new application capabilities allow customers to monitor, troubleshoot
and report on latency compliance for market data and order execution at the
level of individual messages and transactions. Support is included for
application processing and transforming infrastructure components such as
feed handlers, Smart Order Routers (SORs), FIX gateways and matching engines.
In addition, latency measurement of correlated events at the application
layer is now possible. This includes analysis of the time between sending an
order and receiving the associated acknowledgement, and the time for this to
be reflected in the market data.

This application latency management is unified with Corvil's
award-winning network latency management. For the first time application and
message latency performance can be directly related to the health and
performance of the underlying network and server infrastructure. Trading
outages can be quickly traced to their root cause whether at the network or
application layer. Specific resolutions can be identified quickly, and
network and application teams within the organisation can talk the same
language when analysing trading performance.

"Our customers want a single solution for both network and application
latency monitoring," said Corvil Vice President of Product Management, Donal
. "A single solution reduces capital and operating cost, while
being able to identify and resolve latency problems that multiple separate
application, network and data capture solutions cannot."

The application latency module is provided as a software upgrade module
available on all CorvilNet appliances. It will support decoders for a range
of the most popular trading and market data formats for EU, NA and Asia,
including the FIX protocol standard. The application latency module is
available today.

About Corvil

Corvil is a provider of application and network latency
management systems to the world's leading trading organizations including
global banks, exchanges, high-frequency market makers and service providers
to the Financial Markets. The company was founded in 2000 and operates from
New York, London and Dublin. Customers use Corvil's products and technologies
for precision monitoring and rapid troubleshooting of their trading
applications and systems. In addition, Corvil's solutions are leveraged to
demonstrate latency compliance and up-sale of low-latency services to clients
and prospects. For more information on Corvil, please visit

Contact: Corvil, Collette Bird, E-mail: collette.bird at, +353-1-859-1040

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