Alpha Trading Systems Selects Corvil to Optimize its Trading Platform for Low-Latency

By Corvil, PRNE
Sunday, November 29, 2009

LONDON and NEW YORK, November 30 - Corvil, a leading provider of electronic trading and market data latency
management systems, today announced that Alpha Trading Systems, the leading
Alternative Trading System for Canadian Listed Securities, has selected
CorvilNet to pro-actively manage and assure low latency across its exchange

In choosing Corvil, Alpha highlighted CorvilNet's microburst detection
feature that will be used to identify and manage transient traffic spikes in
their infrastructure. CorvilNet's powerful latency analytics, programmable to
microsecond levels of granularity, will provide Alpha with unprecedented
visibility of performance affecting short-term events.

"We chose Corvil because the growth of our market and the evolution of
trading activity in Canada, for example increased high frequency trading,
demands greater visibility and transparency into the operations of our market
place" says Karl Ottywill, Alpha's CIO. "As Alpha continues to grow its
Financial Eco-System and related value add services, requirements to
continually monitor the network backbone will grow with it. Corvil is the
right fit for our needs," added Mr. Ottywill.

The highly transient nature of microbursts means that they are difficult
detect without a highly granular level of monitoring. CorvilNet identifies
short-term anomalies and recommends adjustments and optimizations to ensure
network infrastructure and applications are running at peak performance.

"Microsecond monitoring of traffic is a critical capability to assure the
low-latency performance of market center trading infrastructure. Failure to
detect and deal with traffic microbursts can lead to latency brown-outs
during the busiest periods of the trading day. We are delighted Alpha has
selected CorvilNet to assure the low-latency performance of their network,"
said Corvil CEO, Donal Byrne.

CorvilNet provides always-on monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization
analysis for electronic trading and market data latency management.
CorvilNet's key capabilities include latency compliance management,
monitoring, reporting and infrastructure optimization for low-latency.


Corvil, leader in electronic trading and market data latency management,
was founded in 2000 and operates from New York, London and Dublin. The
company's global client base spans exchanges; alternative trading venues;
investment banks, and financial market service providers. Recognized as a
technology innovator in latency management, Corvil's products offer a
complete solution for enhancing electronic trading, execution and market data
including latency compliance management, latency monitoring & troubleshooting
, and infrastructure sizing for low-latency SLAs. For more information on
Corvil, please visit

Alpha Group

Alpha Group comprises the leading Alternative Trading System for Canadian
Listed Securities (Alpha ATS), and a data distribution plant for Alpha ATS
market data. Alpha Group was established in May, 2007 by nine of Canada's
leading financial institutions with the aim of increasing the country's
securities trading efficiencies and making the Canadian marketplace more
globally competitive.

Established for the Industry by the Industry; the Alpha Group focuses on
increasing liquidity, reducing the cost of trading and providing innovative
services leveraging its unique expertise, operating model and technological

For further information regarding Alpha Group, visit

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