London's Landmark Pharmacy and Healthcare Store are Proud to Introduce: The Interactive Touch Screen Information System

By Global Blue, PRNE
Sunday, May 23, 2010

LONDON, May 24, 2010 - The visual impact Healthpoint system is the latest manifestation of the
touch screen information system. Using the latest technology the system will
allow John Bell & Croyden ( customers to
access health care information almost on a 24/7 basis.

The Healthpoint system delivers information on over 3000 health topics.
All the information is medically referenced and is presented in a format that
is easy to understand for patients. The use of videos with over 400 topics
and fifteen hundred pictures in the database helps illustrate and educate
patients about certain medical conditions and is a huge factor in its
popularity. The database covers an enormous range of health topics from heart
disease, diabetes, smoking, vitamin and mineral supplements to sport and
travel information.

The information on each topic covers such matters as definition of the
medical condition, the signs and symptoms, the causes, the health management,
dietary advice and signposting. The key elements behind this are not only to
provide excellent health information free of charge but also to encourage the
patient to participate in the management of their own well-being and health.
This will be a key factor in the future of health care in the UK and for the
future of the NHS.

The other benefit of the Healthpoint system is that it provides John Bell
& Croyden with a statistical breakdown on what health topics are been
accessed. This information can be used to determine what resources should be
allocated to support certain medical conditions.

One of the key questions asked about the Healthpoint system is the
quality assurance on the information provided. The entire information
database has been checked by the National Pharmaceutical Association and the
information database provided is updated every 3 months.

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For all Press related queries please contact Jamie Russell Brand, Development Manager, on +44(0)20-7935-5555 or by email jamie.russell at

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