CSI's Robert Richardson Viewed as Global Resource for Security Industry

By Ubm International Media, PRNE
Monday, June 21, 2010

NEW YORK, June 22, 2010 - Robert Richardson, Director of Computer Security Institute and expert on
cybercrime security, has served on the CSI staff since 2003, having worked IT
in various capacities for twenty years. He's given keynote presentations on
three continents, often speaking about the CSI Computer Crime and Security
Survey, an undertaking he directs each year. The past few months, Richardson
has continued to travel the globe offering interviews and providing
testimonies in an effort to create awareness and protect organizations
biggest assets: their information.

2010 kicked off with the Google scandal in China, putting Richardson on
the BBC as a featured security expert. In April, Richardson was invited to
speak with the judiciary committee of the United States Senate to discuss the
issue of video surveillance as it relates to the use of consumer mobile
commuting devices and organizations that maintain large computer and network
infrastructures and the security risks involved. This opportunity came in the
wake of the notebook theft recovery system fiasco at the Lower Merion school
district. For the full testimony visit Gocsi.com and click on Director's Cut.

Richardson was also recently interviewed by Tom Field, Editorial Director
of Govinfosecurity.com, where he shared his expertise on cybercrime trends.
Richardson presented his perspective on the importance of really
understanding how a security program works to protect an organization's
valuable assets and the difference between being vulnerable and being a
probable target for an attack. For the full interview click here:

Most recently, Richardson was invited to speak in Brazil at 2010 HDI
Brazil Conference which took place on June 10th and 11th, at the Convention
Center WTC in Sao Paulo, where he lectured on "The Security Opportunity,"
discussing "the importance of preparation of technical support personnel -
mostly by direct contact with end users in organizations - as well as
institutionalizing the use of social networks by enterprise."

Where will Robert be speaking next? To follow Robert and to stay informed
of the hot topics he is discussing both globally and on the Internet, visit
the CSI website at www.gocsi.com or follow Robert's Twitter page at

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