Daimler Opts for KEBA

By Keba Ag, PRNE
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LINZ, Austria, September 14, 2011 -

KEBA is Daimler AG’s Cooperation Partner for e-vehicle Home Charging Stations

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For the past two years, KEBA has been intensively occupied with the topic of e-mobility and as a specialist in the fields of automation, electronics and self-service offers a comprehensive product portfolio for holistic infrastructure solutions. In this connection, the Austrian automation specialist can now report a significant success, as Daimler AG has selected KEBA as cooperation partner for e-vehicle home charging stations, also referred to as “wall boxes”. 

A convincing product innovation that offers six-fold faster charging  

KEBA was able to convince the automotive giant with its product innovation, the KeContact home wallbox, which allows the simple and fast charging of electric vehicles and is therefore especially suitable for private persons or companies with fleets looking to secure mobility in minimum time for their e-vehicles.  In addition to inventive design and straightforward operation, KeContact home also stands out due to its use of the entire available charging capacity and consequently provides a six-fold increase in charging speed, as opposed to a standard household socket.

Cooperation partner for home charging stations

These features persuaded Daimler AG, manufacturer of smart and Mercedes-Benz e-cars, to select KEBA as its cooperation partner for home charging stations in the period up to 2013. KEBA’s wall box will serve as a charging station for Daimler e-vehicles and in an initial step will be employed in selected European countries for both private and fleet customers with smart and Mercedes-Benz cars.  

Experts predict that in future home charging stations for private and fleet customers will constitute a major part of the e-mobility charging infrastructure. Hence, KEBA has very special interest in establishing a foothold in series business and offering a professional infrastructure solution for the rapid charging of electric vehicles in the shape of KeContact home.


KEBA AG was founded in 1968 and is an internationally successful electronics company based in Linz (Austria). The company has branches in Europe, the USA and Asia and has been developing and manufacturing innovative, top quality solutions for industrial, banking, services and energy automation for over 40 years.



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