Donica International Inc Forms In-Flight Entertainment Media Integration Company in California

By Donica International Inc, PRNE
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

IRVINE, California, June 2, 2011 -

- State-of-the-art Media Integration Lab Facility Will Significantly Help
Leading In-Flight Entertainment Hardware Manufacturer Support Clients.

Donica International Inc, one of the world's leading in-flight
entertainment (IFE) systems manufacturers, today announced that it has set up
a new operation in the US to provide comprehensive media integration services
to its customers.

The new company, which is named Donica Inflight Entertainment Services
Inc, will be based at one of the newest, state-of-the-art media integration
labs in California. It will provide Donica customers with one point of
contact for all of their media integration requirements including the
encoding and encryption of movies, TV shows and audio channels for use
onboard aircraft. With its new company and operation, Donica aims to develop
and grow integration services around its hardware platforms.

The Donica range of Digital Media Reproducers allows for a plug and play
replacement to ageing IFE video tape machines which are becoming increasingly
difficult to maintain and source the necessary media for. In moving from an
analogue video source to a complete digital source, video quality and sound
improves significantly as does ease of use.

"With the imminent demise of the video tape onboard aircraft, we are
excited to have created this new company," said Guy Kennett, CEO of Donica
International. "We look forward to providing our airline clients with the
highest quality in-flight entertainment products and content for many years
to come."

About Donica International Inc

Donica International Inc is an in-flight entertainment (IFE) end-to-end
total solution provider. The company's product line covers all the components
of audio video on-demand (AVOD) systems and multi channel audio video
distribution systems.

Since its establishment, Donica has given priority to high technology and
service. Speed and customization are our promise to customers. Making IFE a
profit center is our goal.

In 2006, Donica launched the first in-flight Digital Video Player in the
world that replaced both VCP and DVD players without any modification on
aircraft. The product provides the most economical solution when updating IFE
systems and has been used in most of China's main airlines, occupying 80%
domestic market share. In 2009, Donica developed a new generation Digital
Media Reproducer with exciting features such as a GUI, touch screen and 120Gb
of Encrypted Solid State storage capacity for international markets.

Based on the great success of Digital Video Player, the company has
developed PMA Digital Announcement and Boarding Music Player and Quick Access
Cockpit Voice Recorder (QACVR) to meet its customers' growing requirements.

With many years in the business, Donica has developed from an equipment
provider to one of the most competitive IFE system suppliers in China and
further afield.

Donica International Inc was formed to take the Donica brand beyond China
and has set up a sales, support, manufacturing and assembly plant in the US
to aid International expansion of the successful range of Donica products.

For more information please contact: Guy Kennett, CEO, Donica
International Inc, 2371 Executive Park Drive, Weston, Fl, 33331, US, Email:
Guy.Kennett at, Tel: +1-954-526-0000

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