Driverguard Gets TV ad Campaign on the Road

By Driverguard, PRNE
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, February 16, 2011 - A new TV advertising campaign for Driverguard is to be launched in the
Spring as the market for loss of licence insurance continues to expand. DVLA
figures from September 2010 show that 3.9 million British motorists had
points on their licence, so it's not surprising there has been an increased
interest in loss of licence insurance.

Driverguard's first TV commercial features actors playing out a scene in
which 'banned drivers' try to hitch a lift on a child's pedal car being
powered by a businessman on his way to work. It's a light hearted scene with
a serious message. In these tough economic times losing your driving licence
can mean losing your job and maybe your career. Research by has
shown that 82% of drivers considered their car indispensable, while 10% of
motorists with nine points on their licence said they would lose their job if
they were banned.

With UK roads now being monitored by 6,000 speed cameras even the most
careful of drivers can be caught out - and every year around two million UK
motorists end up with points on their licence for speed camera related
offences. If you drive as part of your job it's all too easy to find a few
innocuous altercations with speed cameras adding up to a lengthy driving ban.

Driverguard's message is that losing your licence via the totting up
process doesn't have to mean putting your job at risk. Plans start from as
little as GBP7.22 per month offering a refund for the costs of alternative
travel, if disqualified. Policies are available which provide cover up to a
maximum of GBP30,000 per annum.

Driverguard cover plans are backed by St Christopher ChauffeurPlan - the
biggest and most experienced name in loss of licence insurance which has been
helping drivers stay on the road for more than 40 years. Policies are
available for individuals and for businesses. There are even policies for
sports teams which want to insure against key players being unable to get to
that vital match due to a driving ban.

However, Driverguard's policies are not a green light for motorists to
flout the law. Its policies do not cover disqualification due to drink
driving, reckless or dangerous driving, or driving while under the influence
of drugs. To view the new TV commercial go to

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