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Sunday, March 22, 2009

NUREMBERG, Germany - Virtual Private Networks of the Newest Generation - Less Clicks, More
Transparency and More Cost-Efficiency.

Nuremberg based NCP Engineering GmbH already offers all necessary
components for the simple and transparent use of a virtual private network.
NCP developed for this purpose a product portfolio that is unique throughout
the world: VPN Clients, VPN Gateways and high availability services. The
central VPN management with network access control (NAC), change management,
integrated Radius-server and interfaces to identity and access management
systems (IAM) ensure the required network transparency.

“We offer our customers state-of-the-art communication, safety and
management technologies to enable them to truly capitalize on the economic
potential due to the implementation of mobile computing and teleworking,”
describes Peter Soll, NCP’s Managing Director, as the company’s aim.

The NCP VPN Client has an intuitive graphical user interface with all the
necessary functions and displays to ensure that the technology is always
manageable. Opening and closing several windows is obsolete. Parameter locks
prevent desired and undesired incorrect operations. Even the network
administrator can “see” and administer the complete VPN via one interface.
Integrated automatic mechanisms ensure a problem-free installation and
reliable operation of even the most complex VPNs: it doesn’t matter whether
it is for a mass rollout, software updates, and certificate administration
for one PKI, license or change management. Error messages in clear text
simplify support when the service is required.

Network Access Control (NAC) is the central module for VPN management. It
is the validation of all security policies prior to access to the company
network. If the security policies are not met, the Teleworker automatically
lands in a quarantine zone, where either the relevant measures are taken or
his/her privileges are limited.

Creating and administering user data can be carried out simply using the
standard RADIUS-server pack. Identity and access management systems may be
added as well. Directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory can be
used directly for VPN accesses; VPN rights are stored there and are granted
with only one click.

The hybrid SSL/IPSec VPN Gateway supports amongst others, the multi
company support (VPN Gateway Sharing). This performance feature allows a very
economic VPN operation since the VPNs of several companies can be
administered simultaneously using only one system. For each enterprise, a
closed VPN is arranged, upon which only certain employees can access it.
Gateway sharing makes investment in several individual systems unnecessary.
Another scenario is the “managed security service providing” (MSSP), i.e. the
provider puts a reliable and economic VPN solution at their customer’s

The NCP VPN-Client is a complete client suite. The VPN Client offers as a
Client Suite an intuitive, graphical user interface, its own dialer, a
dynamic personal firewall and the integrated support of a large number of
mobile connect cards. Users receive therefore a true “one-click-solution” and
avoid any security gaps, even if accessing via public hotspots. It is
available for Windows 7 as a beta version and as released license version
for Windows Vista 32/64 Bit, Windows XP 32/64 Bit, Windows 2000, Windows
Mobile 5/6.x, Symbian and Linux.

These are some of the facts that our customers, who manage between 50 and
30,000 VPN Clients, value in our integrated VPN solution:

- Protection of already completed IT investments
- Reduction of training and documentation costs
- Less support requirements or reduced support costs
- Fast rollout and return on investment (ROI)
- Low operating costs
- Fast implementation of customer requirements
- Low cost software updates
- Modularity and high scalability
- Single Point of Administration
- Hybrid use of IPSec and SSL VPN technology as required
- Secure hotspot access
- One-click solution for various terminals

The “NCP Next Generation Network Access Solution” will be presented to
the public for the first time during the RSA Conference in San Francisco from
the 20th to 24th April at stand 1356-1 and during Security Europe in London
from the 28th to 30th April at stand M 90.

About NCP engineering GmbH

Head-quartered in Nuremberg, Germany, NCP engineering helps IT network
managers secure data transmission in public networks and across the Internet.
Organizations that employ remote access, mobile computing, teleworking and
e-commerce throughout the world rely on NCP for key secure communications
technology including Remote Access, IP-Routing, VPN and Firewall solutions,
Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Network Access Control (NAC).

The firm is devoted to avoiding vendor-lock for customers through regular
compatibility testing and full integration with PKI-Infrastructures, as well
as support for two-factor authentication on end-devices. NCP serves North
American customers through a network of technology, reseller and VAR, and OEM
partners, including T-Mobile, WatchGuard, Astaro, Lancom and Secunet.

Press Contacts:
NCP engineering GmbH
Juergen Hoenig

Source: NCP engineering GmbH

Press Contacts: NCP engineering GmbH, Juergen Hoenig, +49-911-99-68-151, juergen.hoenig at ncp-e.com

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