EF Opens Four New International Language Centers Abroad, to Meet Young People's Demand for Hip and Exotic Study Destinations

By Ef Education First Ltd., PRNE
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In its new Brochure for 2011, EF International Language Centers Announces Four New Centers, Including Bristol and Singapore.

ZURICH, October 6, 2010 - With the new EF International Language Centers, EF Education First, the
world's largest private education company, reacts to the growing demand for
learning a language abroad.

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"Young people today are already well traveled, and are more picky when
choosing where they want to study abroad. Some look for 'exotic territory'
and others want a rich student life where they see a chance to integrate with
the locals", says Eva Kockum, President of EF International Language Centers.
"EF is proud to announce four new language centers in our 2011 brochure;
Bristol and Singapore are already open, and our schools in Melbourne and Rome
will open soon."

The EF center in Bristol is located in one of the city's most famous
historic buildings, the Custom House built in 1837. While the listed building
has been lovingly renovated and kept its historic features, the interior is
modern with designer furniture and the latest language learning technology.
Some students like the high ceilings of the school building or the modern
language labs, others talk about the city; "You walk around Bristol and see
all the cool British people and the street art by Banksy, and it just gives
you a kick", says Carl Morner, a 19 year old student from Sweden. He and many
others enjoy the bustle of one of Britain's premier student cities, with an
exciting student life to match.

In Singapore, the first EF students were amazed by the city's cultural
diversity and the blend of old and new. The EF International Language Center
is situated near Boat Quay right in the heart this metropolis. It features
spacious air-conditioned classrooms, student lounges, and a roof top terrace
with a view of the skyline. "We clearly see a trend where international
students wish to study languages in more exotic and far away destinations",
says Eva Kockum.

EF also plans to open new language centers in Rome and Melbourne in 2011.
The full range of language centers and programs is presented in the brochure,
which can be ordered for free at www.ef.com.

About EF Education First:

EF, the world leader in international education, was
established in 1965 with the mission to break down the barriers in language,
culture, and geography. With 400 schools and over 15 million students, EF
specializes in language schools, academic degrees, educational travel abroad,
and cultural exchange. Originally conceived in collaboration with Apple, EF's
Efekta(TM) System is the world's most advanced English learning method and is
used to power EF's language schools and online English courses at
Englishtown.com. In addition to helping 1,200 corporations with English
training, EF was the Official Language Training Supplier to the Beijing
Olympics and is helping Brazil prepare for the 2014 World Cup.



Anita Hauser, EF Zurich, Mobile: +41-79-622-34-07, anita.hauser at ef.com

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