Electric Cloud Brings Private Development Clouds to the Masses

By Electric Cloud, PRNE
Monday, January 24, 2011

ElectricCommander 3.8 bridges the gap between private cloud infrastructure and software development tasks

SUNNYVALE, California, January 25, 2011 - Electric Cloud(R), the private development cloud company, today announced
ElectricCommander 3.8, the first application to bridge the gap between
private cloud infrastructure and software development. ElectricCommander 3.8
streamlines the development process and helps companies get the most out of
their private clouds by bringing self-service, manageability and elasticity
to the development team. Electric Cloud also announced integrations with
rPath and Eucalyptus Systems to further support the private development cloud
(www.electric-cloud.com/news/2011-0125-p.php), and announced the
results of a survey of senior-level IT professionals on private and public
cloud use and adoption (www.electric-cloud.com/news/2011-0125-s.php).

"Enterprise IT organizations are accelerating their investment in private
cloud computing and software development teams are going to be their most
demanding users," said Electric Cloud CEO Mike Maciag. "Unfortunately, while
most private clouds provide 'self-service compute resources,' for development
that hasn't translated to much more than a blank rack of servers. That
changes today with ElectricCommander 3.8."

There is a gap between what IT provides and what developers must use to
ship software. The virtual and physical machines that IT provides are unaware
of the tools and processes that developers must lash together to build, test
and deploy high-quality software on time. As a result, developers and IT can
often work at odds. The rise of Development Operations or DevOps acknowledges
this problem and assigns ownership. ElectricCommander 3.8 is the system that
enables the solution.

ElectricCommander 3.8 connects the machines, tools, and processes already
in place and creates a private development cloud where developers find
precisely the services and resources they need. With the push of a button,
any developer can harness the power of the private cloud and get as many
machines as they need to run compute intensive tasks such as build, test and
deploy. ElectricCommander 3.8 accomplishes this through:

    - Workflow automation. ElectricCommander 3.8's new workflow and task
      automation engine provides an environment to define any arbitrary task
      and the workflows between them.
    - Parallel execution. ElectricCommander 3.8 was architected from the
      ground up to execute compute intensive tasks in parallel. With
      ElectricCommander 3.8 parallel execution of a defined task is a simple
      as checking a box.
    - Workload distribution and management. Only ElectricCommander 3.8 can
      easily schedule physical, virtual or cloud compute resources for
      software development tasks. This allows developers to automatically get
      as many or as few compute resources as they need.
    - Tool integration. ElectricCommander 3.8's plug-in architecture
      seamlessly integrates the tools used to develop software. With over 60
      off-the-shelf integrations, the days of development hand coding ad-hoc
      integrations are over.

ElectricCommander 3.8 is the answer for enterprises looking for the
benefits of private cloud computing while addressing the unique tool and
process needs of individual development teams. Software development gets the
power and elasticity of a self-service cloud, while IT managers enjoy
centralized control over the infrastructure and greater visibility into
security and compliance.

According to a November 2010 report by Forrester Research Inc. entitled
"Companies Building Private Clouds Focus on Infrastructure but Not
Operations," in the private cloud, enterprises are "underinvesting in key
areas such as automation, self-service, and tracking and reporting. Evening
out these investments and focusing on operational shortfalls can lead to
better implementations sooner, which could drive differentiating value for
their company."

ElectricCommander 3.8 is available now.

About Electric Cloud

Electric Cloud is the private development cloud company. Electric Cloud
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with flexible self-service tools that provide comprehensive management and
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