How do you Transport 5,500 kgs up 2,717 ft at 18 Meters per Second?

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Monday, January 24, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, January 25, 2011 - This is a question for the elevator engineers at the Burj Khalifa, Dubai,
UAE. Here are a few interesting facts they have told us about the elevators
in the world's tallest building:

    - The Burj Khalifa's elevators have the world's longest travel distance
      from lowest to highest stop

    - It is the first mega-rise to have elevators with specially programmed,
      permit-controlled evacuation procedures

    - At 5,500 kg capacity, the firemen/service elevator is the world's
      tallest service elevator

    - 54 lifts have been installed in the tower

    - The double deck cabin elevators are the fastest in the world

    - The speed of the cabin is 18 m/sec (40 mph)

If you think these facts are impressive, hold your breath for the
development of the Mile-High Tower, a skyscraper proposed for construction in
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. At one mile tall, it will be the tallest building ever
built to date.

Significant investment in the built environment has propelled the Kingdom
to regional pole position in terms of project spend. Investment in
sustainable smart buildings is predicted to hit US$39bn over eight years,
while long-term government strategic development plans demand adherence to
sustainable building construction and performance codes. The core and its
vertical transportation system are a tall building's fundamental element, and
the most costly to change after construction.

With this in mind the need for a dedicated vertical transportation
conference in Saudi Arabia has never been greater.

Dr. Andy Davids, Director at Hyder Consulting Middle East, will review
the elevator market's progression to date in the Middle East and discuss the
journey still to come at IQPC's Vertical Transportation Saudi Arabia event,
taking place from the 28 February - 1 March 2011 at the J W Marriot in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Davids will discuss the challenges in the design and construction of
the elevator systems in several of the world's tallest buildings, including,
Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa. He will also review innovative vertical
transportation technologies adopted for the super-tall CMA Tower, King
Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), and explain the vertical transportation
requirements for next generation super-tall buildings planned for the Middle
and China.

At IQPC's Vertical Transportation Middle East Summit, taking place on 28
February - 01 March 2011 at J W Marriot, Riyadh, KSA is where experts will
discuss the latest vertical transportation technologies, methodologies,
engineering solutions and working practices to maximise ROI and effectively
deliver sustainable projects within budget. The summit will provide an
exclusive opportunity to network and cement business partnerships with master
planners, developers and contractors.

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