Electric Cloud Speeds Software Build-Test-Deploy Cycle with Direct Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

By Electric Cloud, PRNE
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Updated add-ins across Electric Cloud's product portfolio enable faster builds and release workflow automation for developers using Visual Studio 2010

SUNNYVALE, California, December 1, 2010 - Electric Cloud(R), the leading provider of software production management
(SPM) solutions, today announced updated add-ins across its product portfolio
with support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

The new add-ins put fast builds and release workflow automation from
ElectricAccelerator(R) and ElectricCommander(R) at the fingertips of
developers who work with Visual Studio 2010, without requiring them to learn
a new user interface or leave their integrated development environment (IDE).
Developers can now build eight to ten times faster and enjoy end-to-end
build-test-deploy automation. ElectricAccelerator is the only solution for
fast, parallel Visual Studio 2010 builds, and ElectricCommander provides
fast, frequent feedback on changes. Meanwhile, managers benefit from the
centralized release process reporting and organization-wide visibility
provided by Electric Cloud's reporting and dashboards.

"For the many developers who spend their days in Visual Studio, the newly
enhanced ElectricAccelerator and ElectricCommander add-ins mean faster, more
efficient workflow without sacrificing the comfort and ease of working within
an IDE they know well," said Usman Muzaffar, vice president of product
management for Electric Cloud. "At Electric Cloud we have made it a design
priority to minimize disruption and context-switching for developers using
our solutions. We believe that the benefits of acceleration and automation
are magnified when individual developers can integrate them into their
everyday development activities."

The ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio IDE add-in fully integrates with
Visual Studio, providing patented dependency management technology to give
developers the only tool for fast, parallel Visual Studio 2010 builds. The
add-in allows developers to build solutions and projects using the Visual
Studio user interface they are already familiar with, while harnessing the
power of Electric Make(R) (eMake) via an ElectricAccelerator menu and toolbar
for efficient, simultaneous builds. The ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio
add-in includes support for metadata and F# projects, MSBuild and Xbox
development, as well as the ability to monitor live builds through

Electric Cloud's enhanced ElectricCommander add-in for Visual Studio also
lets developers take advantage of a fully automated build-test-deploy process
with fast, frequent feedback on their changes, while working within the
Visual Studio user interface. For example, the ElectricCommander add-in for
Visual Studio enables developers to initiate pre-flight builds, or builds
that validate individual changes without impacting the rest of the team,
saving time and preventing costly mistakes, without leaving the Visual Studio
UI. In addition, the add-in helps drive the application lifecycle by
complementing Visual Studio, providing real-time monitoring of automated jobs
and access to downstream development processes such as automated work item
updates based on build output.

About Electric Cloud

Electric Cloud is the leading provider of software production management
(SPM) solutions. Electric Cloud solutions automate, accelerate and analyze
software build-test-deploy processes to optimize both physical and virtual IT
environments. The company's patented and award-winning products help
development organizations to speed time to market, boost developer
productivity, and improve software quality. Leading companies across a
variety of industries, including semiconductors, enterprise IT, ISVs, mobile
devices, and transactional Web sites rely on Electric Cloud's Software
Production Management solutions to transform software production from a
liability to a competitive advantage. For customer inquiries please contact
Electric Cloud at +1-408-419-4300 or www.electric-cloud.com.

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