Elekta Receives CE Mark for Fraxion, Immobilization System Designed to Improve Accuracy and Precision in Cranial Cancer Treatments

By Elekta, PRNE
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CRAWLEY, England, January 19, 2011 - Elekta has received CE mark clearance for its Fraxion(TM)
patient-specific cranial immobilization system. The Fraxion head frame helps
ensure accuracy and precision in stereotactic radiation therapy of cancer
targets in the brain and cranium. Elekta's Fraxion is the first to introduce
an innovative system that integrates all proven cranial immobilization
options in a single solution.

"The advantage of Fraxion head fixation is that it is a stereotactic
system that can be used for nearly any patient," says Prof. Dr. Meinhard
, a radiation oncologist in the Department of Therapeutic
Radiology and Oncology, Medical University Innsbruck (Austria). "The patient
can be immobilized with a thermoplastic mask, with the proven vacuum
mouthpiece, or even a combination of both systems. Precise repositioning is
possible with easily accessible adjustment screws — which make it much
easier to fixate the patient in the treatment room."

The partial and full head thermoplastic masks provide alternative
immobilization options for non-invasive setup, without compromising accuracy.
Combining the thermoplastic mask with the vacuum mouthpiece increases
flexibility in setup options, allowing optimal setup based on the patient's

Fraxion also features a target positioner, which provides accurate target
localization for stereotactic planning, imaging and treatment.

To learn more, visit www.elekta.com/fraxion.

About Elekta

Elekta is a human care company pioneering significant innovations and
clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. The company
develops sophisticated, state-of-the-art tools and treatment planning systems
for radiation therapy and radiosurgery, as well as workflow enhancing
software systems across the spectrum of cancer care.

Stretching the boundaries of science and technology, providing
intelligent and resource-efficient solutions that offer confidence to both
healthcare providers and patients, Elekta aims to improve, prolong and even
save patient lives, making the future possible.

Today, Elekta solutions in oncology and neurosurgery are used in over
5,000 hospitals globally, and every day more than 100,000 patients receive
diagnosis, treatment or follow-up with the help of a solution from the Elekta

Elekta employs around 2,500 employees globally. The corporate headquarter
is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and the company is listed on the Nordic
Exchange under the ticker EKTAb. For more information about Elekta, please
visit www.elekta.com.

Stina Thorman, Vice President Corporate Communications, Elekta AB, +46-8-587-254-37, stina.thorman at elekta.com, or Michelle Lee, Director, Global Public Relations and Brand Management, Elekta, +1-770-670-2447, michelle.lee at elekta.com. Editor's note: Images of Fraxion are available at images.elektagallery.com

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