Enter the Responsive, Immersive World of NXP Software's Ambient Experience at Mobile World Congress 2010

By Nxp Software, PRNE
Thursday, February 11, 2010

Under the "LifeVibes presents… the Ambient Experience!" Banner, NXP Software Demonstrates Products That Automatically Adapt to Mobile Phones Users' Environment and Desires

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, February 12 - The LifeVibes Ambient Experience stand at Mobile World Congress 2010
takes the visitor into a world where mobile phones both respond to their
surroundings and deliver a new level of immersive multimedia. The demos
include "ambient aware" software products. These sense the environment and
adapt the phone's behavior to compensate for unwanted ambiences, allowing
users to make and receive calls easily wherever they are. Other demos focus
on helping users create the ambience they want - for instance through
high-quality multi-channel audio on handsets and headphones.

"The mobile world is full of sound and vision. The challenge is to
provide users with richer experiences similar to those they enjoy elsewhere,
such as the excitement of home cinema systems. At the same time, consumer
research shows people want more intuitive interaction with their phone.
Ambient aware solutions provide the best of both. Software that automatically
cuts out background noise on voice calls makes phoning from a busy street as
easy as calling from a quiet office. And it's effortless for the user.
Functionality like this is an increasingly important differentiator for OEMs
to deliver an intuitive experience," says Peter Van de Berg, Marketing
Director of NXP Software.

Creating ambiences you want, reacting to ambiences you're in

Throughout the LifeVibes stand visitors can discover how "ambience
awareness" and "ambience creation" enrich the user experience. On one hand,
people can hear for themselves products that adjust ringtone volumes to
ambient noise levels, or which cut out background noise on voice calls, even
the beeping of car horns in city streets.

On the other hand, the demos highlight software that keeps users immersed
in the ambience of their choice - whether it is cinema-style sound; a media
player that plays all kinds of content; or mobile TV which comes close to the
living-room experience with its speed of start-up and channel switching.


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