Equipping the Warfighter With The Next Generation of Offensive Capabilities

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Monday, August 29, 2011

LONDON, August 30, 2011 -

Senior military figures from 12 nations including the US, UK, Germany, and Republic of Korea are preparing to gather in September (London) to discuss the latest developments around infantry-issued airburst weapon systems such as the US XM25 and the Korean K11, including information on the testing, deployment and planned future developments for ammunition and fire control systems.

One of the key topics of the symposium will be the ‘Future Directions of Infantry Weapons’ which will be led by a speaker panel from Canadian forces and the US DoD.

The British Soldier System Lethality Office are aiming to deliver networking integrated direct fire capabilities to its soldiers, and how caseless ammunition will play a fundamental part in these next generation weapon systems. In addition updates in to European procurement and modernisation programmes, including Major General Milan Knezevic, Head of Material Resources Directorate Croatian MoD will brief on the transition from 7.62×39mm to 5.56 NATO ammunition in their current trial rifle.

Furthermore, US Special Operations Command SOF will be briefing on how they are utilising switch calibre weapons platforms to improve soldier flexibility and adapt one single system to multiple mission sets. Senior officials from the US Marine Corps will also talk about their attempt to replace its inventory of M249 light machine guns with the new M27 infantry automatic rifle, and how this feedback can be applied to other nations modernization programmes.

This will be a unique opportunity for senior military officials and leading industry experts to find out how nations across the world are replacing their ageing inventory of small arms with modern, modular weapon systems. For further information on the symposium, visit www.infantryweaponsconf.com


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