Exvisu Launches Strategic Indicators to Accompany its Lexical Maps

By Exvisu, PRNE
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PARIS, March 9, 2011 - Exvisu, the French company specialized in the strategic
analysis of opinions on the Internet, announces new network indicators for
its Exvisu global solution, Rezodience(TM), designed to make sense of vital
network online data.

The Exvisu global solution automatically creates a lexical
map. A lexical map Exvisu is a graphical map representation of large text
data sets. For Instance, a node represents each of the 100 most commonly
occurring words in this data set; the size of the node is proportional to the
number of times the word appears in the entire data set. The links between
nodes indicate that they are semantically connected, and the closer they are
together, the stronger the connection.

"It possible to calculate the nodes of understanding and to identify how
Internet influence converges between controversial themes and their authors,"
comments Josiane Versini, Founder and CEO of Exvisu.

Dr. Andrei Mogoutov, physician, scientific director of Exvisu Lab, is
specialised in methodology and data analysis for the social sciences and he
is the designer of the method and analysis solution for the studies of
controversies and the ideas of the network actor theory (with B.
Latour/M.Callon). With Exvisu, this method and solutions Rezodience(TM) can
analyze data online for brand and products positioning on the network actors

Having initially tested lexical maps in Montreal, Exvisu Lab is currently
pursuing the development of this innovative approach's numerous applications.
The next step ahead: adapting the Exvisu platform to Internet discussions in
Japanese and Chinese.

About Exvisu

Exvisu provides companies with semantic analysis of Internet
data social media. Our method offers our customers a real tool for brand
positioning, corporate positioning and action, as well as strategic

For further information: www.exvisu.com

Press contact: Just Say It Consultancy, Strategies for influencing & mobilizing stakeholders, Isabelle Jahn, +33(0)1-44-61-81-81, isabelle at just-say-it.com; Exvisu, To make sense and business with social web villages, Josiane Versini, Founder & CEO d'Exvisu, Josiane.versini at exvisu.net

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