Fastest Trading Networks to be put Under the Spotlight

By Netevidence, PRNE
Monday, March 8, 2010

Financial Traders Given Clear Visibility of Network Performance Through NetEvidence's Highlight SaaS Network Monitoring System

GUILDFORD, England, March 9, 2010 - As millions of pounds and dollars are being pumped into new networking
technologies to increase the speed of financial trading, NetEvidence launches
a breakthrough SaaS-based network monitoring system so both Exchanges and
Subscribers can prove their networks are delivering the speed and performance
expected - at all times. The 'Highlight Extended Performance Insight' (xPI)
provides the Financial Markets community with latency monitoring, measured in
microseconds, of their vital trading networks.

Faster trading is the current 'holly grail' for trading platforms, as the
likes of Juniper Networks and NYSE Euronext, LSE with Turquoise, as well as
Bats Europe and Chi-X Europe vie for supremacy in delivering the fastest
trading speeds. However, as Richard Thomas, CEO of NetEvidence explains,
"It's all very well to claim you deliver the fastest networks, but it's just
smoke and mirrors if you cannot show proof of delivery."

The xPI platform within Highlight monitors the ultra low latency data
feeds vital to financial users to ensure optimum trading connectivity. It
empowers decision makers by demonstrating constant adherence to application
performance targets, even acting as a shared portal for both suppliers and
customers. Hosting and support is provided by NetEvidence, leaving users to
concentrate on running their businesses.

Richard Thomas adds, "Time is money and for today's finance community,
time or rather latency is critical. Highlight xPI can be overlaid onto
existing or new IP backbones quickly and scaleably. Our extensive research
with Cisco and Juniper has led to a hugely flexible platform providing
capacity and latency insights supporting these trading platforms, but retains
the flexibility inherent to SaaS that our customers expect."

Highlight xPI is an extension to NetEvidence's market leading SaaS
monitoring system called Highlight. NetEvidence currently supplies Highlight
to over 6000 Enterprises across 54 countries managing both public and private
IP networks. xPI is designed specifically for the financial market so
managers can ensure their essential networks deliver sub-millisecond
performance with no load on network hardware and minimal network latency

Highlight is delivered through Network Providers such as Verizon
Business, Equinix, Telstra International, Claranet and C&W, who use it to
augment their Managed Network or Connectivity products, or delivered direct
to Enterprises.

Contact: Fiona Cousins, E: fiona at, T: +44(0)1252-850182

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