Free Book Shines Light on Best Practices of Silicon Valley Serial Entrepreneurs

By Quirijns Company, PRNE
Thursday, December 9, 2010

AMSTERDAM, December 10, 2010 - Management consultant Cees J. Quirijns discovers the dos and
don'ts for starting a business in his book Startup Best Practices:
Conversations with Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and shares his insights in a
free e-book that is available for download at and
is distributed via EFactor; the largest global online community for

The entry rate of new firms is remarkably high across
industries in most modern economies. The exit rate is often also very high.
According to several researchers the probability of new firm survival after
five years is only around 50%.

This was yet another reason for management consultant Cees J.
Quirijns to go in search of the critical success factors of startups in the
one true bastion of entrepreneurship: Silicon Valley. Quirijns: "The Bay Area
has produced a gigantic number of entrepreneurial tribulations and successes
over the past decades, so in order to discover startup best practices,
Silicon Valley is the best place to start."

The book contains interviews with 15 entrepreneurs, most of
whom have started and sold companies, not just once, but several times.
Quirijns: "These serial entrepreneurs, such as Naeem Zafar and Eileen
, have a wealth of experience. By sharing this empiricism in my book,
they help newborn entrepreneurs focus on the essential issues. Such best
practices are not often documented. I wanted to change that."

Startup Best Practices contains practical recommendations in
business fields such as marketing and sales, management and organization, and
finance. Quirijns: "The importance of being passionate, customer centric, and
having an excellent team in place, is seen as essential by many of the
interviewees. The value of this book does not lie only in the commonalities,
but even more so in the individual eye-openers that these successful
entrepreneurs so gracefully share. Examples are the critical role one's
spouse plays and the necessity to keep knocking on doors."

Co-founder and CEO of EFactor, Adrie Reinders comments: "We
are very pleased to provide our members, and other entrepreneurs, with this
pearl of entrepreneurial wisdom. We invite everyone to visit our site and
download the book. Membership of EFactor is of course free as well".

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