Fuugo Video is to Change the Way People Consume Online Video on Tablets and Smartphones

By Axel Technologies Oy, PRNE
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TURKU, Finland, November 16, 2011 -

Axel Technologies has today released two new Fuugo products directly to consumers. Fuugo Video 1.0 and Fuugo TV are now available through the fuugo.tv website and selected App stores. The award-winning Fuugo content aggregation software has already gained a reputation for its revolutionary user experience for TV and video consumption on mobile devices.

Axel Technologies, a pioneer in mobile television and video technologies, has announced today that its TV and video content aggregation application Fuugo has finally been released to consumers in the form of two products: Fuugo Video 1.0 aggregates online video content from various sources into one application. It also utilizes social media in content discovery and recommendations. The second product, Fuugo TV, is a broadcast digital TV application for mobile and portable devices, for use alongside TV receiver accessories.

“We are extremely excited about our new products,” states Petri Kalske, CEO of Axel Technologies. ”The Fuugo concept is unique in its content aggregation and discovery functionalities. It took us a long time to get here but now we are proud to release the first two products from our wider Fuugo product portfolio. Fuugo is about to change the face of TV and video consumption on tablets, smartphones and other rapidly-evolving portable devices.”

Fuugo Video 1.0 will be available globally from Android Market and fuugo.tv for free. It aggregates various content services, such as Break.com and YouTube, making it easy to find and enjoy content that interests you. iOS versions are coming shortly. Fuugo Video will soon support additional social media features, and more content sources. www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7fZaae2wMA

Fuugo TV is a broadcast digital TV application for mobile and portable devices, for use alongside most popular TV receiver accessories. It will be available first for Windows devices, to be followed soon after by Mac OSX and iOS versions. Evaluation software is available for free from fuugo.tv, and a fully-functional version is available, priced at €19.90. Fuugo TV initially supports the DVB-T standard used mainly in Europe, but will soon support the ISDB-T standard used in Japan and Latin American markets as well. Fuugo TV will also be available embedded in known TV accessory brand products in the coming months. www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFK5oN3hWEM

For further information on Fuugo or Axel Technologies, please visit fuugo.tv and www.axel.fi

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