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By Vaado Software, PRNE
Monday, October 10, 2011

LONDON, October 11, 2011 -

- Human Resources consultancy GlobusHR Group is to provide new Vaado Performance© software alongside its web-based 360 degree feedback and consultancy services -

Vaado Performance© has been chosen as the ideal performance management software to complement GlobusHR Group’s web-based 360 degree feedback and HR consulting services, and is immediately available to all existing and new clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Together, the services offer clients the opportunity to improve engagement, motivation and performance throughout the entire organisation.

The highly flexible nature of Vaado Performance© and its ease of use were major factors in GlobusHR Group’s decision to offer the recently launched software, which closely matches that of the consultancy’s own popular offering. GlobusHR Group’s 360 degree feedback service and Vaado’s software are both web-based and while the consultancy services offer strategic HR advice, Vaado Performance© manages the employee performance and appraisal process, together with all of the associated management reporting and analysis. The combined software and consultancy services offer clients a solution that allows them to manage the development and improvement of employees whilst retaining all of the required information and data online.

Sarah Hamilton-Gill, Consultancy Director of GlobusHR Group, comments, “Our clients are from many industry backgrounds and typically have very differing views as to how they approach performance management. Over many years, we have been looking for a web-based solution to take the paper-based processes that we have designed, online. We will be offering Vaado Performance© alongside our consulting services so that we can meet the needs of each individual client.”

Lymington based GlobusHR Group has been offering HR consultancy services for many years to clients in both the public and private sectors. The launch of Vaado’s unique performance management software proved to be very timely, as GlobusHR Group was actively searching for a suitable high-quality performance management software tool to incorporate into their services. Vaado Performance© not only matches GlobusHR Group’s high standards, but is seen as a great opportunity for organisations to improve the effectiveness of their performance management processes, particularly in the current market place where productivity and focus are essential.

“It is difficult to capture data for performance management analysis from a paper based approach, as acquiring the data from each employee is very time consuming - invariably leading to incomplete results and the need for numerous follow ups. Vaado provides the perfect solution by enabling employees to complete their own performance reports in a manner that is intuitive and user friendly. We are looking forward to using Vaado Performance© ourselves at GlobusHR Group, and to seeing the benefits it will bring us,” states Sarah Hamilton-Gill.

Both Vaado’s performance management software and GlobusHR Group’s consultancy services are designed by HR professionals who have held senior HR roles with global, blue chip companies and have high levels of experience within HR, Management Development and analytical thinking, as well as the design and development of web-based software solutions. The result is a service that allows clients the greatest chance to retain and develop the best talent.

Sarah Hamilton-Gill continues, “The introduction of Vaado Performance© is great news for our clients and for our range of services. Both current and potential clients have already expressed great interest in the incorporation of Vaado performance management software and we are looking forward to this partnership helping us achieve our growth targets in the future.”

Stuart Hearn, Commercial Director of Vaado Software, concludes, “With its strong commitment to offering customers the very best service, we are delighted to partner with GlobusHR Group so soon after the success of our software launch. Through the partnership, we believe we can offer our clients not only the opportunity to manage their performance management processes in the manner in which they wish to carry them out, but also coaching and consulting advice to expected exacting standards. We very much look forward to embarking on our new partnership with GlobusHR Group and to providing a high degree of synergy in the offering of our software and their services.”

GlobusHR Group is running an event on October 18th at Jurys Inn, Southampton, to provide an opportunity to hear more about Vaado Performance©.

Please contact the GlobusHR Group team on 0870 4464 360 to book your place on the event, or to join a webinar.

About Vaado Software 

Vaado Software Limited is a specialist provider of online, human resources (HR) and performance management software and services. Vaado’s software portfolio is designed by HR practitioners with real-world, global experience specifically so that it can address the needs of today’s fast-moving medium-to-large enterprise scale businesses.

Built using the very latest in web deployable technologies, Vaado provides powerful functionality and prides itself on being ‘for the online generation’. The Vaado software suite was developed and delivered in 2010 against a rigid development timeframe for some very demanding large enterprise customers. Vaado People©, Vaado Performance© and Vaado Survey© all utilise the very latest generation of Microsoft Silverlight technology, adopted by the majority of web-browsers and operating systems.

As a result, the market launch of Vaado in June 2011 to resellers and end users features the latest and most intuitive HR software available to date. Expect instant user-adoption with Vaado’s incredibly intuitive interface, with minimal or no training requirements.  

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