Halon Security's VSP Email Security Solution is Now VMware Ready(TM) for Mail Security

By Halon Security Ab, PRNE
Thursday, September 9, 2010

After undergoing testing on the Zimbra Collaboration Suite(TM), the Halon Virtual Spam Prevention(TM) (VSP) security solution achieves new VMware Ready(TM) status for email security virtual appliances.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, September 10, 2010 - Scandinavia's leading developer of security software, Halon
Security(TM), are proud to announce that the Virtual Spam Prevention(TM)
software is the first ever product from Scandinavia to achieve VMware
Ready(TM) for Email Security, a new status in the VMware Ready(TM) program.
Halon Security's VSP underwent a rigorous three-level testing process that
included a VMware Ready(TM) application test, a virtual appliance test and
a Zimbra Collaboration Suite(TM) integration test.

Since the Virtual Spam Prevention(TM) (VSP) is built from the ground up
to run in VMware(TM) virtualization environments the VSP fits perfectly into
any existing VMware(TM) installation, from VMware Fusion(TM) on a
Macintosh(TM) computer to an enterprise VMware ESX(TM) environment. This also
puts the VSP in the category for products that are designed, built and ready
for use in corporations as well as in a cloud environment.

- We are very proud that the VSP has been certified by VMware(TM) and we
hope that more customers take the opportunity to download and try the VSP
free for 30 days with no strings attached, says Peter Falck, co-founder and
CEO of Halon Security(TM).

Safe and future proof

The Virtual Spam Prevention(TM) (VSP) is already prepared for the future
of the Internet. With it's built in support for IPv6, any VSP in production
can easily be configured to handle incoming and outgoing IPv6 traffic.
Further more, the VSP supports DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) a system
designed to protect the Internet from attacks on the DNS system, the backbone
of the entire Internet. The VSP also supports DomainKeys Identified Mail
(DKIM), a system that lets an organization take responsibility for message
while it is in transit via the Internet.

Combined with trusted real-time cooperative zombie/botnet prevention
network, the VSP process billions of e-mail every day, customers using the
VSP can enjoy an unsurpassed false/positive ratio, less than 1 in 5 million
and free up their email systems.

Anyone can download and try the 30-day no limit demo of the VSP. Simply
by visiting www.halonsecurity.com. You too can benefit the latest in
email security and easy management interfaces.

About Halon Security

Halon Security AB is Sweden's most prominent e-mail security and spam
prevention appliance manufacturer. The company was founded in 2002 and is
headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. It's known for it's award-winning
firewalls and e-mail security appliances, which are used by large hosting
providers, non-commercial and government organizations, municipalities and
companies of all sizes.

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