Head Lice Can be Treated in Only 15 Minutes - Unbeknownst to 80% of UK Mums![1]

By Meda Pharmaceuticals Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Linicin(R) Lotion 15 Min is the Answer for Treating Head Lice Quickly, Simply and Effectively

BISHOP'S STORTFORD, England, January 31, 2011 - New head lice treatment Linicin(R) Lotion 15 min lives up to its name by
eliminating not only head lice, but their eggs (called nits) as well, safely
and effectively in only a quarter of an hour. This will be welcome news to
the 80% of time-starved UK mums surveyed who have no idea that head lice can
be treated so quickly[1].

Despite its high prevalence in the UK, the subject of head lice is still
an uncomfortable topic for many families. The same survey found that more
mums would be embarrassed to find their child had passed on head lice to a
peer than if he/she had passed on family gossip. In fact, only bad language
is considered more embarrassing than kids spreading head lice to each

According to family GP Dr Sarah Jarvis, "People are still hugely
embarrassed to find their child has head lice, but it's so common and so
easily treatable. It's even easier with the introduction of products that
eliminate nits and head lice in under 15 minutes safely, while not
sacrificing efficacy. As a parent myself, I also place a high premium on
recommending head lice treatments that are gentle enough for even the most
sensitive of scalps."

According to the research, an overwhelming 94% of mums say suitability
for the whole family is important in a head lice treatment[1], and Linicin(R)
Lotion 15 min ticks that box. It is odourless, colourless and
insecticide-free with no known allergens[2]. Conveniently packaged in a
bottle with a special applicator and louse comb, Linicin(R) Lotion 15 min
provides you with everything you need to treat head lice in a single box.

To get the facts on head lice, hear tips from healthcare professionals,
visit www.linicin-headlice.co.uk. Linicin(R) Lotion 15 min can be
purchased online or at local independent pharmacies throughout the UK.

How to use Linicin(R) Lotion 15 min

Linicin(R) Lotion 15 min is for external use only. Method of application:

    - Apply lotion to dry hair in a generous amount that covers the
      scalp and the length of the hair.
    - Leave lotion in the hair for 15 minutes to take effect.
    - Wash hair with regular shampoo.
    - Comb hair with the louse comb to remove dead head lice.
    - Treatment may be repeated after 9-10 days.[2]

Treatment should only be performed on individuals where live head lice
are found. If several members of a family are infested with head lice,
everyone should be treated on the same day to avoid re-infestation[2]. Data
shows complete efficacy after a single 15 minute treatment on both eggs and
head lice[4].

About head lice

Head lice are wingless, blood-sucking insects that lay eggs (called
nits). The nits stay firmly attached to the hair close to the scalp. Head
lice feed on human blood about five times a day and this is what can cause
the itching sensation felt when someone has head lice[3]. Some may start to
itch due to an allergy to lice faeces, while others may experience no itching
at all.

Head lice and nits are often found behind the ears, along the hairline
and at the nape of the neck as these areas are warm and dark. If lice are
combed off hair to colder and drier conditions they will die relatively
quickly, often between 24 and 48 hours[3].

Head lice infestation normally occurs as a result of direct contact, and
is commonly spread among children during play. Caps, scarves, brushes and
similar items can of course also transmit infections if these are shared
between individuals within a short period of time[2].

About the survey

Research was sponsored by Meda and conducted by ICM amongst 250 mums at
10 school gate locations throughout the UK from November - December 2010.
More information about the survey can be found at the Linicin(R) website at

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