UK Consumers in Fear of Security Breach When Shopping: Connected World Research

By Connected World, PRNE
Thursday, January 27, 2011

Over Half of Consumers Persist With Purchases Despite Card Fraud Concerns

LEEDS, England, January 28, 2011 - A new report from Connected World, leading provider of inbound
communication solutions for businesses, has revealed that concerns about
credit and debit card fraud are at an all time high amongst UK consumers.

What's more, people are putting themselves at risk by
continuing with transactions despite card fraud concerns.

The report commissioned by Connected World surveyed 1,000
consumers across the UK about their thoughts about the security of their
telephone transactions and the role that merchants play.

The vast majority (71%) of those surveyed said they felt
uncomfortable about giving out their details to a call centre operative. Two
thirds (62%) said that they are worried about the security of their personal
data when shopping, with nearly half (42%) feeling sufficiently concerned to
pull out of a purchase as a result.

Connected World's report has revealed that although security
of our personal details is a pressing concern, over half (58%) of us still
get frustrated when our call is redirected to a third party as a payment
authorisation security measure. The ideal for the majority (88%) would be a
phone based payment system that would enable them to pay over the phone, but
would prevent their details from being exposed to the operative handling the

Jamie Price, Director at Connected World, said: "The findings
have revealed that identity theft is a huge concern for consumers,
particularly in call centres where over half of respondents believe it to be
common place. Alarmingly, personal experience of identity theft and credit
card fraud reinforce this belief in 27 per cent of those surveyed. These are
frightening figures and it is now vital that organisations using call centres
take immediate action to tighten their security and reassure their customers.

"The world's leading payment businesses, Visa and Mastercard,
have set the bar for businesses by introducing the Payment Card Industry
(PCI) Standard. Any vendors using Visa and Mastercard facilities must comply
with the standard, and are subject to spot inspections, so call centres can
no longer afford to be complacent. Those that fail to secure consumer data
face heavy penalties. Our new PCI TeleSafe product for call centres has been
designed to assuage consumer fears and ensure telephone transaction security.
It works by providing a solution that masks consumer's personal credit and
debit card data, so it is never exposed to the call centre operative."

A TalkTalk Enterprise business, Connected World are specialist
providers of inbound call handling solutions, providing network and
cloud-based automated technology to assist organisations in call handling,
workforce management and efficiency.

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