Foster Care Associates Provides an Alternative Route Into Fostering Through Parent and Child Placements

By Foster Care Associates, PRNE
Thursday, January 27, 2011

BROMSGROVE, England, January 28, 2011 - Foster Care Associates (FCA) has stepped up its recruitment campaign to
attract more parent and child foster carers across the south of England.

Foster Care Associates (FCA) has reacted to the increased demand for
parent and child foster carers across the South of England through a
refocussed carer recruitment campaign.

Parent and child placements (
are provided to parents and their children when there are
concerns over the parent's circumstances and/or ability to perform the
parenting role. It is the preferable option to residential care and/or
separation of a parent and their child(ren).

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FCA's parent and child fostering services provide the opportunity for
parents to develop their skills in a supportive family environment. Carers
provide advice, guidance and support to parents, as well as contributing to
any ongoing assessment required.

Specifically, FCA is looking to recruit parent and child foster carers in
London (Kensington and Chelsea, Richmond Upon Thames), Kent, Surrey, Sussex,
Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, and the West Country.

All FCA parent and child carers are trained to the highest standards on
all areas of caring, assessing and safeguarding. Carers are fully supported
through a comprehensive network of professionals, receive up to 21 days paid
respite, and access to a 24 hour helpline, 365 days a year. They also receive
an increased fostering fee for providing a parent and child placement,
reflecting the additional time and commitment required.

The type of parent and child placement provided by FCA depends on the
needs of the parent and their child(ren). This includes 12 week assessment
placements, pre-birth placements, and parenting support placements.

Lisa Ross, an FCA parent and child carer from Sussex, explained: "FCA's
parent and child placements bring a different set of challenges but it has
opened up a new aspect of fostering for our family. I feel extremely rewarded
when, with my guidance, parent develop their competence and begin to

Marie-Louise Allred, Marketing Manager for FCA, adds: "FCA urgently needs
parent and child foster carers who can keep a child safe while offering mum
and dad the support they need to develop the life skills and confidence to
become a competent parent. It helps if parent and child carers have previous
fostering, childcare or nursing experience, but more important is
personality, enthusiasm and the ability to make a full time commitment to

Parent and child foster care placements form part of the wider delivery
of FCA's fostering services provided to over 140 Local Authorities across the
UK. With a shortage of up to 10,000 foster carers nationwide, FCA is
interested in speaking to anybody who is thinking of fostering in Kent
fostering in London (,
fostering in Croydon (,
or any other region throughout the UK.

About Foster Care Associates

Foster Care Associates (FCA), part of the Core Assets Group Ltd, is the
UK's leading independent fostering agency, with offices operating throughout
England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Working in partnership with
Local Authorities and Health Trusts throughout the UK, FCA aims to provide
quality care in a family setting' for over 2500 foster children who are
looked after by the agency's 2100 foster families.

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