IGO-POST Aims to Reward Brand Loyalty With the Launch of IGO-POINTS

By Igo-post Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BURNTWOOD, England, September 2, 2010 - IGO-POST, a European market leader in the production and supply of
promotional products to corporate clients across all sectors, has announced
the launch of IGO-POINTS, a long-term loyalty programme, recognising the
company's ongoing commitment to rewarding customer loyalty.

Moving away from the traditional short-term incentives used more widely
in the promotional products (www.igopost.co.uk/en_GB/index.html)
industry, IGO-POINTS is designed to ensure that long-term customer loyalty is
rewarded at all levels, from large corporate clients to smaller customers
with a lower average spend.

IGO-POINTS enables customers to earn points for every order made, which
can then be redeemed against a wide range of gifts including top brand
electronics, branded luggage, (
perfumes, domestic
appliances, toys, games consoles, food and beverages. Customers will be able
to earn points for orders with or without print, placed both on and offline.

The IGO-POINTS programme is being rolled out across 12 countries from
September 2010, in partnership with Sparco International, an emerging loyalty
programme specialist and commercial distributor of A-brands, consumer
electronics and luxury goods.

In line with IGO-POST's continuing development of its online services, UK
customers will be able to log-in, monitor points, build wish lists and select
gifts via a dedicated online portal. Customers will also be able to link to
the portal via their existing online account.

With the organisation having been founded in December 1945, the new
loyalty scheme is launched as part of the company's 65th anniversary

Sam Davies, IGO-POST's UK General Manager said: "This year marks a
significant landmark for the organisation and we wanted to ensure that our
customers are part of the celebrations. Without our loyal customer base, our
considerable growth and development into a European market leader would not
have been possible" he continued "The IGO-POINTS programme is an industry
first and rewards customers, both small and large, for their commitment to

IGO-POST (www.igopost.co.uk/en_GB/index.html) has confirmed that
customers not wishing to opt-in to the loyalty programme will still be able
to take advantage of the company's existing discount scheme, which provides
scaled discounts based on the value of each order placed.

From September, the IGO-POINTS programme will be publicised online via
the company's promotional products website and through their 74th major
catalogue release, the IGO-POST Collection 2010/2011. The 343 page catalogue
will not only launch the new loyalty programme, but will also see the
introduction of more than 100 new promotional products to the market,
including international Christmas hampers and a range of branded Jamie Oliver


Founded in 1945, IGO-POST specialises in the production and supply of
printed promotional products and business gifts (
to corporate clients across all sectors, from major market leading companies
to schools and charities. The company is a leader in the European market with
a team of over 500 staff spanning 12 countries. As a family-owned business
IGO-POST has an on-going commitment to a range of charities, through
significant annual donations.

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The company offers a range of over 1000 promotional products via mail
order and online, with products delivered from stock. IGO-POST boasts the
largest printing facility in the industry with an area of 2,100 m squared,
more than forty specialist printing machines and a modern logistics centre
with an area of 12,000 m squared.

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