IPC Launches Shared IP Access Solution for Data and Voice Communications

By Ipc Systems, PRNE
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strategic upgrade delivers integrated voice and data services providing global trading firms with a scalable, resilient and cost-effective trading solution

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey, November 18 - IPC Systems, the leading provider of indispensable trading communications
solutions to the world's leading financial services firms, today announced a
shared IP access strategy in conjunction with strategic upgrades to its
network and trading solutions. The strategic upgrades enable customers to
consolidate voice and data communications required for electronic trading
onto a single, managed and secure network infrastructure that can be directly
integrated with IPC's industry-leading trading systems platform. IPC's global
network, spanning over 3,600 On-Net sites, delivers IP -based Enhanced Voice
Services (EVS) and high-speed data via its Electronic Connectivity Service
(ECS) which serves as the foundation for the combined access strategy.

Consolidation of voice and data services will reduce infrastructure
costs, increase resiliency and simplify business continuity planning (BCP).
The approach of leveraging a fully managed state-of-the-art converged IP
network provides inherent advantages such as carbon footprint reduction, as
well as operational and infrastructure efficiencies. Flexible thin-building
and virtualized architecture techniques that capitalize on SIP technology
streamline information delivery and allow for diverse connections to and from
multiple locations for automatic and seamless communications protection.

"As a financial services firm operating in a global environment, our
business requires continuous and reliable worldwide communications, and
having the latest technology to support that is key," commented Shafqat Ali,
Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co. "Implementing IPC's EVS service has complemented our
BCP very well, and has proven to be an extremely effective approach, from
both a business facilitation and cost perspective."

The EVS upgrade leverages private line delivery via IP using Session
Initiation Protocol (SIP) - a signaling protocol that has become the industry
standard for advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) session control and
multi-media capabilities. Using SIP, IPC's EVS service provides connections
directly to the client's IPC Alliance platform in IP format, enabling
customers to integrate data, voice and other future multi-media applications
through a single, high bandwidth, highly-reliable connection.

"With the strategic upgrade of EVS and the Alliance platform, we are
bringing together the advanced automatic resiliency features of EVS directly
to our trading turret system," said Jonathan Morton, vice president, Global
Product Management, IPC Systems. "Owning the network and the trading platform
allows us to create a unique solution for our customers, providing them with
the opportunity to dramatically increase productivity and collaboration and
continue trading securely and efficiently using an end-to-end IP approach."

About IPC

IPC is a leading provider of indispensable financial trading
communications solutions to the world's leading financial services firms and
global enterprises. With 35 years of expertise and innovation, IPC provides
its customers with global systems and solutions, as well as a suite of
products and enhanced services that includes advanced Voice-over-IP
technology and integrated network and 24×7x365 management services in more
than 60 countries. Based in Jersey City, N.J., IPC has approximately 900
employees throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. For more
information, visit www.ipc.com.

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