Ixonos Launches New Flagship Design Studios in London and Beijing to Deliver Unparalleled User Experiences to Global Clientele

By Ixonos, PRNE
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LONDON, August 17, 2011 -

Ixonos, a world leader in creating wireless technologies, mobile devices, services and software, is launching two new user experience design studios, one in London, UK, the other in Beijing, China, to answer the rapidly increasing demand for user experience design services.

Ixonos launched the User Experience Design Centre in mid-2010 and has a fully functioning flagship design studio in Helsinki, Finland, as well as a smaller satellite studio in Kosice, Slovakia. “Within a year, we have managed to attract a robust client base and the two new flagship studios were set up to accommodate the steadily growing demand for our design services,” says Sami Paihonen, head of the User Experience Design Centre at Ixonos.

The heavy investments into providing superior user experience design services take Ixonos further as a creative development company. “Ixonos does not strive to become the biggest design agency on the market, but we truly aim to be the best in mobile and web service design,” Sami Paihonen explains. “Our unique strength lies in our delivery capability: by employing the full width of Ixonos’ services, we can offer fully managed turnkey deliverables that combine deep technological understanding with astounding user experiences,” he continues.

Creative Director Julian A D Harris has been appointed to lead the UK Design Studio and Creative Director Vijay A. Selvaraj is in charge of the APAC Design Studio. Creative Director Esa Nettamo leads the Finland Design Studio and supervises the Slovakia satellite studio. Each studio hosts a multidisciplinary design team offering a wide range of services from user research, UX strategy and concept design to prototyping.

The presence in regional design capitals London and Beijing allow Ixonos access to a wealth of potential new customers, not only within the UK and Chinese markets, but across Europe and Asia as well as all the way to America. Device manufacturers, operators, media conglomerates and brand owners, along with any other companies looking to offer beautiful user experiences for their customers, can turn to Ixonos for future-proof product strategies and high-quality mobile solutions that give them competitive advantage and faster time-to-market.


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Ixonos is a creative mobile solutions company. We develop wireless technologies, software and solutions for connected devices and mobile services. Together with our corporate customers, we design products and services that let consumers enjoy inspiring mobile experiences. We enhance the competitiveness of our customer companies by enabling superior user experiences as well as faster time-to-market for their devices and services. We have offices in Finland, China, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Slovakia, South Korea and the U.S. Ixonos Plc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. In 2010, the company’s turnover was 84.9 million euros and its operating profit was 5.3 million euros.

For more information, please contact:


  • Sami Paihonen, Vice President, UEDC, tel. +358-50-502-1111, sami.paihonen@ixonos.com
  • Vijay A. Selvaraj, Creative Director, APAC Design Studio, tel. +86-138-1108-3805, vijay.selvaraj@ixonos.com
  • Julian A D Harris, Creative Director, UK Design Studio, tel. +44-7843-725-809, julian.harris@ixonos.com
  • Esa Nettamo, Creative Director, Finland Design Studio, tel. +358-40-543-1195, esa.nettamo@ixonos.com


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