Kitco Metals eConference Attracts Industry Heavyweights: Ron Paul, Marc Faber

By Kitco Metals Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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The upcoming Kitco Metals eConference is attracting strong registration
numbers thanks to an impressive line-up of industry speakers. Live on
September 12-13, 2010, the eConference program will feature key industry
figures including Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Marc Faber, James Dines, Frank
and Puru Saxena, to name a few.

Based on the first month's registrations, the initial Kitco Metals
eConference is already proving to be quite a success, with participation in
the thousands anticipated.

"Kitco's foray into virtual conferencing is a reflection of our
commitment to provide continuous innovation and leadership to our industry,"
said Bart Kitner, President and Founder of Kitco Metals Inc.

"The response so far has been tremendous. People see the opportunity for
instant networking and collaborative prospects using this new business
model," says Mr. Kitner.

"Attracting everyone from miners to refiners and mints, from over 70
countries, this is a compelling and timely demonstration of how technology
can be used to bring people together," says John Dourekas, Media and IT
Director for Kitco Metals Inc.

"No one who is passionate about precious metals will want to miss this
event, especially since they can attend from their home or office," Mr.
Dourekas explained.

The two-day event focused on the precious metals market is free with
pre-registration. For more information on the Kitco Metals eConference visit

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For further information: Media contact: Diana Snyder, +1-603-373-8860,

For further information: Media contact: Diana Snyder, +1-603-373-8860, dsnyder at

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