Post-it(R) Brand Launches Shopping Genius Widget

By Post-itr, PRNE
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Post-it(R) Brand Releases an Innovative Digital Application That Acts as a Customisable Shopping List on Your Computer

LONDON, July 15, 2010 - Have you ever seen a great gadget or product that is a little pricier
than you want it to be? Everyone knows that products come down in price, but
keeping an eye out for the perfect deal is time-consuming and difficult.
Bargains are better when you have to do less hunting.

Inspired by usage of the classic Post-it(R) Note as a shopping list, 3M
have developed an evolution of the shopping list for the digital age.
Post-it(R) Shopping Genius sits on your computer desktop, keeping an eye on
the price changes for you, locating the cheapest price, and letting you know
when it changes. This customisable application enables you to choose from
thousands of electricals, durables and other consumer goods, and track up to
5 at a time.

The application, which can be directly downloaded from is available on iGoogle, Mac OS X desktop and
Windows 7 / Vista desktops. It displays up-to-date prices on many thousands
of products, which are searchable within the tool.

If that weren't reason enough to use the application, 3M is also offering
a monthly prize draw of GBP1,000 or the value of your shopping list if less
as an incentive to those who refer the Shopping Genius application to a
friend. That's GBP1,000 to help fund your list of dream items or to spend as
you please. The first winner will be drawn on 1st August, 2010.

Notes to Editors

About Post-it(R)

Post-it(R) is a subsidiary of 3M Company, formerly known as Minnesota
Mining and Manufacturing Company, which produces over 55,000 products in more
than 60 countries, including well-known brands such as Post-it, Scotch,
Scotchgard, Thinsulate and Scotch-Brite.

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