Kriss Akabusi and Foster Children Launch New Poetry Book

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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Foster children from across the country will celebrate on 01/10/09 their creative talents with the launch of a new poetry book.

Joining the youngsters, former athlete Kriss Akabusi MBE, who was himself brought up in care, will officially unveil the new publication ‘Hundreds and Thousands, Secrets and Dreams’ at an event held at The Foundling Museum, London.

‘Hundreds and Thousands, Secrets and Dreams’ is a collection of poetry and artwork created by looked after children and young people, foster carers and their families. Published by Foster Care Associates (FCA), it brings together a host of strong emotions which have been channelled into positive actions through poetic and artistic creativity.

In paying tribute, Kriss Akabusi says: “Poetry is a wonderful means of positive expression and I have been moved by the huge amount of raw talent captured so beautifully in this latest publication.

“Having lived in the care system myself, I can empathise with the many emotions demonstrated throughout the book. The highs, the lows, the challenges and the rewards all form part of the journey for so many looked after children and young people as they seek to fulfil their ambitions and aspirations. I applaud their achievements today as well as those of the foster carers who work relentlessly to provide safe and stable homes.”

This latest poetry book is the third in a series to be published by FCA - the UK’s leading independent foster care organisation. It is a powerful portrayal of the emotions of children who live in the UK care system as well as those experienced by foster carers and their families.

An exhibition of poems and artwork taken from ‘Hundreds and Thousands, Secrets and Dreams’ is set to tour the UK later in the year. Visiting major towns and cities, the exhibition will be displayed in selected public libraries, museums and educational establishments.

‘Hundreds and Thousands, Secrets and Dreams’ comes in a hard backed version priced GBP9.95. It can be purchased from FCA, contact

Notes to editors: - Poems and artwork taken from ‘Hundreds and Thousands, Secrets and Dreams’ are available in pdf format to journalists. - Foster Care Associates (FCA) provides ‘quality care in a family setting’ for nearly 2500 looked after children and young who live FCA’s 2200 foster families across the UK. - Established some 15 years ago, FCA continues to work in partnership with 180 local authorities and health trusts through its network of 70 UK-wide offices. - Within the UK there is a current shortage of 10,000 of foster carers. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about fostering should visit the website or contact FCA on freephone 0800-085-2225.

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