Leading Providers of Computer Pointing and Control Devices Sign Teaming Agreement

By Itac Systems Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GARLAND, Texas, October 13, 2011 -

Today Pretorian Technologies Ltd., based in Gainsborough, United Kingdom, and ITAC Systems of Garland, Texas announced the signing of a unique teaming agreement for the cooperative engineering, manufacture and sale of sophisticated, industrial trackball devices used for precise, durable control of general and special purpose computer systems and networks.  The parties disclosed that the agreement would involve private labeling and resale of complementary products by both organizations, as well as matching the collective strengths of each organizations in technical and performance-based functions to better serve existing customers and to secure new customers in the US and in Europe.

Pretorian is focused primarily on the European market and ITAC Systems on the US market.  Pretorian has an industry-leading line of panel and fascia mount devices, and ITAC Systems is a leader in desk top controllers.  ”We see many logical areas of complement that will be exploited and that this teaming relationship adds up to 1+1 equaling 3,” stated Tim Lightfoot, Director of Sales for Pretorian.  The parties are starting first with providing products to each other to better serve their geographic markets and will then move on to more involved complementary activities over time.

“Pretorian’s line of panel mount controllers will be a welcome addition to our comprehensive line of desk top units here in the US market,” stated Jim McKinney, VP of Sales for ITAC. “The US market represents high volume potential as embedded and integrated solutions become more pervasive, and we intend to carry these products through our growing line of manufacturer’s representatives to OEM and reseller accounts nationwide.”

The parties serve similar markets - government, industrial, scientific and medical, and as such the integration of marketing, sales and delivery efforts will be seamless. The companies advise that their programs will be rolled out globally over the next three months.

Contact: For Information - Ted Wlazlowski +1-214-914-3908  tedwlaz@verizon.net

About Pretorian Technologies - Based on over thirty years experience in the design of trackballs and computer input devices, Pretorian Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing company with state-of-the-art design techniques. The Pretorian product range comprises panel and fascia mount trackballs, fascia mount joysticks and desktop trackballs, joysticks and unique cursor control technology products for use with all modern computer applications in Industrial, Commercial, High-Reliability and Assistive Technology/Special Needs applications.

About ITAC Systems, Inc. - Since 1978 ITAC Systems has provided a wide and innovative range of trackballs and computer input devices to government, military, medical, industrial and aeronautic industries among others.  Based in Garland (suburb of Dallas), Texas, ITAC Systems engineers and manufactures all its products providing highly reliable and durable solutions for its customers.


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