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By Lensway.co.uk, PRNE
Thursday, December 8, 2011

WINDSOR, England, December 9, 2011 -

In August 2011, LensWay, the online optical store, introduced the revolutionary Splash One Day range of contact lenses so that you can experience all day comfort at an affordable price (from as little as £7.99 per box).

These contact lenses are designed to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day, by applying HD technology to aberration control to improve the ideal curvature of individual lenses. The result is clearer vision and greater sensitivity to contrast.  

For people who regularly use contact lenses, Splash One Day lenses come in packs of thirty. £9.99 per box or £7.99 per box when you buy a 3 month supply.

Full Product Details:

High-definition lenses

With high-definition technology governing their aspheric properties and aberration control, the Splash contact lenses are soft enough to remain unnoticed in the eye, so that the wearer can continue normal, everyday activity in comfort and without having to worry about their lenses. They can be worn comfortably by both the short-sighted and long-sighted.

Daily Disposable

Splash One Day contact lenses are delivered in a pack of 30. These are new and innovative soft contact lenses that provide clearer and sharper vision using HD technology. These lenses are ideal for those who are short-sighted or long-sighted.

Weekly Disposable Colour

Splash of Color 2 are weekly wear colour lenses that are available in a variety of vibrant and striking colours. With colours including Amber Ambition, Brown Bombshell, Aqua-tic Allure, Blue n Brazen, Grey Storm, Green Envy and Violet Venom, you can completely change your natural look. Suitable for short-sighted wearers.

Original Vial Colour

Splash of Color lenses were the first in the Splash range to use high-definition technology. With a variety of colours, the wearer can change their natural eye colour with such shades as Amber Ambition, Brown Bombshell, Aqua-tic Allure, Blue n Brazen, Grey Storm, Green Envy and Violet Venom. Suitable for short-sighted wearers.

For more information about the Splash product range, please visit www.lensway.co.uk.

About LensWay:

LensWay.co.uk has quickly become the UK’s leading online retailer of vision care products, attributable to a combination of fast delivery, a customer-centric approach and great selection at the lowest possible prices. With headquarters in Windsor, Berkshire, LensWay.co.uk designs, produces and distributes the largest selection of glasses and contact lenses on the internet, including a unique combination of designer eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and vision care accessories.

LensWay.co.uk is part of Coastal Contacts Inc. - founded in Canada in 2000 - which services customers across North America, Asia and Europe through the Coastal Contacts Inc. family of websites including: Lensway.co.uk, CoastalContacts.com, ClearlyContacts.ca, Lensway.com, Lensway.se, ClearlyContacts.com.au, ClearlyContacts.co.nz, Contactsan.com, Yasuilens.com, Maxlens.com, and Coastallens.com.

For further information please contact:

Andrea Sawer, Regional Marketing Manager, andreas@LensWay.co.uk, +1-604-669-1555 x303


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