Lewis Gibbs Terminated as President of The Word Network and Adell Broadcasting Corporation

By Adell Broadcasting Corporation The Word Network, PRNE
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan, December 2, 2010 - Lewis Gibbs, who was President of The Word Network, the nation's premier
religious broadcast organization, and Adell Broadcasting Corporation, was
terminated today from both positions, effective immediately, and is no longer
affiliated with either of the two entities.

Steven Antoniotti, Vice-President and General Manager of WADL-TV, has
been named President and General Manager. Kevin Adell, who is the Chief
Executive Officer of The Word Network, shall continue in that position and
shall resume his status as President of The Word Network, which he held prior
to Mr. Gibbs' having been named to that position in 2006.

    For Further Information, Contact:

    Michael Alan Schwartz
    General Counsel
    The Word Network
    Adell Broadcasting Corporation

Michael Alan Schwartz, General Counsel, The Word Network, Adell Broadcasting Corporation, +1-248-357-4566

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