MirriAd Sign Two Contracts With International Media Businesses, Australia's Seven Network and Turkey's Advertainment

By Mirriad Limited, PRNE
Sunday, December 19, 2010

LONDON, December 20, 2010 - MirriAd Limited, the market leader in digital product
placement, is pleased to announce that it has signed two contracts with
significant media businesses. Firstly, an exclusive contract with Australia's
number one broadcaster and television network, the Seven Network, to provide
digital product placement in mainstream content including shows like Home and
Away and Packed to the Rafters which will telecast next year. And secondly
with Advertainment Media which has been set up by Guzel Sanatlar, a leading
media and advertising group in Turkey which includes Saatchi & Saatchi and
Zenith Optimedia. This contract will give MirriAd access to 30 markets across
Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Russia reaching an estimated 300
million viewers.

MirriAd partners with broadcasters and brand owners to place
branded products, signage and video digitally into existing media content.
The company has developed ZoneSense, an IP protected and highly scalable
software-based solution to integrate lifelike brand images directly into
video content, post production. MirriAd's proprietary system also solves the
management of the sales process, facilitates online approvals by all
stakeholders as well as measurement of the brand exposure. (For examples of
MirriAd's services and digital placements visit:

Product placement is a rapidly expanding market worldwide. In
2009, the Global product placement spending - including North America,
Europe, Asia and other regions was $6.25 billion. The US sector alone has
been growing by more than 25% a year between 2004 - 2009(source: PQ Media).
TV product placement is now legal in all European media markets with the
remaining final codes of conduct set to be issued shortly. The European
market is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.2% in the
2009-2014 period (source: PQ Media.)

Mark Popkiewicz, MirriAd's CEO, said:

"Product placement is about to be transformed into a new
scalable advertising medium which delivers the right balance of audience
enjoyment and guaranteed brand exposure with empirical measurement and all
proven through extensive research with broadcasters and brands. With this
vision and knowledge, we are thrilled to have won the confidence and backing
of the Seven Network in Australia and Advertainment in Eastern Europe, Asia,
Middle East and Russia.

"These wins add to the gathering momentum behind Digital
Product Placement as an important and exciting new advertising revenue


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