Milliman Launches First Global Family Takaful Report

By Milliman, PRNE
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SEATTLE, July 20, 2011 -


- Critical
industry study separates family Takaful from general Takaful for
wide-ranging global examination of current market conditions and


Milliman is proud to present the first ever Global Family
Takaful Report, launched at the International Takaful Summit in
London in July 2011. This is the first report of its kind,
providing a unique in-depth analysis of family Takaful. The report
focuses on the characteristics inherent within the family Takaful

Industry reports until now have more often discussed Takaful
itself, without going deeply into the variations between general
Takaful and family Takaful (Islamic life insurance). The underlying
drivers for family Takaful and general Takaful are markedly
different and a viewpoint that combines them tends to lead to
distorted results. With bottom line profitability for general
Takaful facing stiff competition from a relatively soft market,
family Takaful may be seen as the more sustainable proposition in
this particular environment, with a strong bottom line outlook.
Consequently, there is an increasing need for a pertinent reference
source to facilitate industry leaders in navigating the evolving
family Takaful landscape.

With the Milliman Global Family Takaful Report, industry
participants now have an invaluable reference. The report
summarizes the quantitative and qualitative analyses of the family
Takaful industry by key regions. It tackles the topical issues
within the world of family Takaful and discusses the implications
of the results of the survey it conducted among key players of the
global Takaful market.

The report presents an analysis of industry growth for family
Takaful by key regions, including a more detailed look at the
financial highlights for Malaysia, where the market is well
established and regulated. It sets out a detailed regulatory update
for each of the key regions, along with a summary of the key models
used and key products marketed in those regions. It includes
comparisons with UK mutuals where there are parallels that may be
applied to the family Takaful market, including two case studies.
The report discusses the most pressing topics currently in family
Takaful  and concludes with a discussion of the issues and
challenges the industry must overcome in order to fulfill its true
growth potential.

The Global Family Takaful Report will be updated on a regular
basis, covering key dimensions within the industry including market
growth, financial highlights, regulatory updates, and pertinent
contemporary issues facing the world of family Takaful. This report
will contribute positively to the Takaful industry as it strives to
promote a robust, well-regulated, transparent global family Takaful

Summary report available by
clicking here.

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report. The full report may be ordered for $1,600.

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