Mina Corp Rejects Latest Allegations by Senior Kyrgyz Officials

By Mina Corp., PRNE
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, January 6, 2011 - Mina Corp notes with regret President Otunbayeva's interview of December
in which she said that a Mina Corp representative inappropriately invited
her son, Atai Sadybakasov, to a meeting in Istanbul. Mina Corp believes this
statement to be categorically false, that it demonstrates a poor level of
knowledge about the company and its business practices, and is a direct
result of a deliberate campaign of disinformation about Mina Corp aimed at
damaging the company's reputation in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.

In reality, as part of an effort to co-operate with the Kyrgyz
authorities, Mina Corp agreed to a request from persons close to President
Otunbayeva to meet in a third country with the President's son. The company's
goal for the Istanbul meeting was to set the record straight with regard to
ownership and the future relationship with the government. Regrettably, this
agenda was not welcomed by the other side. Sadybakasov later tried to deny to
journalists that the meeting had taken place.

In what Mina views as a similarly false and misleading statement, Prime
Minister Atambayev told journalists on December 30 that "the Bakiyev family
stands behind" Mina Corp.

Mina Corp reiterates that a US congressional investigation, combined with
continuous investigations by the Kyrgyz Prosecutor General's office have
failed to discover any evidence of alleged corruption or other wrongdoing by
the company. Mina Corp, as a supplier with a special status and protections
under the US-Kyrgyz treaty did not need favors from successive Kyrgyz
governments. Mina asserts that it has always conducted its business in a
responsible manner and has never had improper or illegal dealings with any
Kyrgyz government officials or their families.

Statements to the contrary by senior Kyrgyz government representatives
are, in the company's view, a blatant attempt to pressure the law enforcement
agencies into fabricating "evidence" against Mina. Mina believes these
statements to be outside the law.

Mina Corp has successfully ensured an uninterrupted flow of jet fuel for
the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan over several years and has done
so in a consistently responsible and lawful manner. Mina contends that the
current efforts to attack the company are not motivated by a disinterested
anti-corruption drive on the part of the Kyrgyz government, but instead,
appear to be driven by interests that wish to expropriate the fuel supply
contracts in a way that has become all too familiar in recent Kyrgyz history.

John Lough, +44-203-370-5722, press at minacorp.com

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