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By Air Charter International, PRNE
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, July 14, 2011 -


World renowned for its multiculturalism and metropolitan
economy, Singapore is fast becoming a key player in the global
economy as a fore runner of industry.

A global hotspot for medical tourism, Singapore sees an influx
of almost 200,000 travellers a year that come to this modern
metropolis for medical attention.

Having invested millions in developing the island as a prime
destination for medical tourism, Singapore’s governmental
authorities are happy to promote this world renowned harbour a
popular spot for medical aid.

“The economic development board and the Singapore tourism board
have come together in the quest to make Singapore a leading country
for treating illness,” said Richard Dunnink of the Commercial sales
division of Air Charter International.

“Having invested millions in this enterprise, Singapore will be
a very interesting destination to watch in terms of aviation needs
for medical evacuations.”

He went on to say that the doctors and healthcare providers in
the region are internationally qualified and have served in
countries all over the world. “Since many of the healthcare
professionals that come to reside in Singapore are so well
qualified, there seems to be a rising trend in the quality of
healthcare in the region.”

Mr. Dunnink states that this will mean an increased influx of
travellers to Singapore in search of medical attention. That in
turn will increase the need for medevac services in the area.

Besides medical tourism, Singapore is also thriving as a support
industry for oil and gas in the REGION OF South East Asia.
 ”Since 60% of the world’s oil reserve comes from the sea,
Singapore is in a strategic position as a large harbour to support
the oil and gas industry.”

All these developments make Singapore an ideal location for
Aviation. With the growing need for Medevac facilities and aircraft
charter for oil and gas, Air Charter International has marked
Singapore as a place to watch as a place for Aviation.  

Notes to Editor:

Air Charter International (ACI) a leading aircraft charter and
leasing company based in Dubai, UAE, has been in operation since
1994 and covers 4-A region, namely: Arabia, Africa, Asia and Asia
and services long and short term aircraft requirements. ACI
has also made a strategic move into Aircraft Management
through its 100% owned subsidiary: Jet Ops which operates
and manages three Cessna 208A Amphibian seaplanes for a
commercial tourism operation named Seawings. Seawings
provides seaplane operations within the United Arab Emirates and is
the only seaplane sightseeing service in the region, considered a
must-do for visitors to Dubai. The resource pool of ACI
includes professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds &
with a strong focus on aviation related industry
and experience.

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