Movianto Launches Services in International Freight Management and Transportation Solutions

By Movianto Gmbh, PRNE
Monday, September 12, 2011

STUTTGART, Germany, September 13, 2011 -

Movianto, the logistics and transportation provider specialised in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, has now launched an international transport service to further support its clients’ needs. The new service allows manufacturers to increase the efficiency of their end-to-end supply chain through the optimisation and management of international freight movements.

The new business unit known as Movianto Transport Solutions manages the shipment of pharmaceutical products by air, sea or land transport from the production site or packaging centre to the downstream storage or distribution facility. Through Movianto’s integrated supply chain operations, products can be stored in the central European warehouse before they are distributed under stringent conditions via Movianto’s network of hubs to the final customer such as hospitals, pharmacies and wholesalers.

Movianto’s concept of providing the pharmaceutical industry with first- and last-mile transportation management allows manufacturers to improve their service levels and reach economies of scale by reducing overall freight costs and management resources. A new freight management system ensures the transparency of information and real-time track and trace, as well as detailed freight cost reporting. Movianto Transport Solutions allows manufacturers to have just one point of contact for their transportation needs, allowing them to concentrate efforts on their core business and rest assured that quality management, service delivery and costs are efficiently managed by Movianto.

Movianto Transport Solutions is led by David Evans, who has years of experience in freight management across a range of industry sectors, and who is already supporting several Movianto clients with this new service. “Our clients are delighted with the benefits of this new service,” Evans states. “Once again, we can prove to the pharmaceutical industry that we are in step with the challenges they face and can support them where they need it most.”

About Movianto

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