Renowned Local Newspaper is Working With Dutch Twitter Software Application "Crowdynews"

By Elkoog B.v., PRNE
Monday, February 7, 2011

GRONINGEN, The Netherlands, February 8, 2011 - The Daily Herald in Chicago, Illinois is working with Crowdynews, a Dutch
social media aggregation product. Crowdynews automatically collects tweets
that are relevant to a particular article and displays the results alongside
the original content in a constantly updating widget, bringing a real time
social aspect to the story. Edwin Kuipers, technical director of Elkoog BV,
explains, "The Twitter feeds that most people are acquainted with are static,
labor intensive, and unsorted. They are based on manually entered keywords
and simple Twitter search is carried out without relevance ranking or even
screening for offensive language. With Crowdynews, the shortcomings of such
typical solutions now belong to the past." The company behind Crowdynews is
Elkoog, BV from Groningen, The Netherlands, a Dutch company dedicated to
making social media content accessible. With the Crowdynews launch at the
Daily Herald, Elkoog feels it can continue to introduce their technology on a
worldwide basis.

Classic Example of an "Enabler"

"Edited content is expensive and time consuming," Edwin Kuipers asserts.
"For newspapers, editing and incorporating social media content is simply not
practical especially given that the social media news cycle is never ending."

"Crowdynews provides a safe, relevant and automated way to bring this
valuable voice to our newspaper," adds Kelly Bolyard, Assistant Vice
President of Paddock Publications, parent company of the Daily Herald.

At the bottom of article pages readers now find the real time widget. For

United States

"We have chosen the United States because it is both a large and cohesive
market," Willem Wolvers, Managing Director of Elkoog explains. "Further,
success in the United States can be translated easier to the rest of the
world than vice versa. The business case of Crowdynews is based on
advertising. Crowdynews leads to more and longer visits, resulting in
increased ad sales."


"Crowdynews is very ambitious, obviously pleased, and extremely flattered
by the fact that such a reputable newspaper has chosen to partner with us.
There are 3,500 online newspapers in the United States," Kuipers continues,
"And Crowdynews is also ideal for glossy magazines as well. Furthermore, the
market is not confined to the U.S. Worldwide there are an estimated 12,000
online newspapers that account for 1,200 billion page views per year, making
a wonderful market in which we want to play an important role."

Contact Information: For further information and inquiries, please contact Edwin Kuipers, tel: +31-6-22197336, email: edwin at - or contact our US counterpart at Maroon, LLC, Henry Chung, tel: +1-212-726-4422, email: hchung at

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