ElectionReady Introduces Free Election Readiness Assessment Tool

By Navantis, PRNE
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The ElectionReady Assessment Will Aid Election Officials and Operations Staff in Defining, Prioritizing and Improving the Overall Effectiveness of Elections

TORONTO, February 10, 2011 - ElectionReady, a provider of election automation and optimization
strategy and software solutions announced the availability of a free election
assessment starter tool. The assessment is designed uniquely for elections
officials and operations staff. "Any elections leader or staff seeking to
reduce costs, pin-point areas of potential risk, or prioritize areas of
improvement will benefit from the assessment," stated Karl Weiss,
ElectionReady Director. "It's something our elections clients have asked for,
to help determine their state of Readiness, fine tune their electoral
planning process and make evidenced-based decisions as they prioritize the
modernization and improvement of their systems and processes."

The ElectionReady assessment tool gives election officials a jump-start
by identifying gaps, and opportunities to focus their actions across the
electoral lifecycle that will help shape what the election authority does
long-term; "Now more than ever, governments are requiring ministries,
election commissions or independent bodies to engage in multiple year
planning," said John Hollins and former Chief Election Officer of Ontario,
. "Tools such as the ElectionReady assessment will be valuable in
helping expedite the process, decision-making and improve how the industry
manages and modernizes their elections processes to safeguard democracy."

About ElectionReady

Addressing Your Election Management Challenges. We are experienced
election professionals prepared to make quality process, operational and
technical improvements across all phases of the electoral management
lifecycle: pre-electoral, election event, or post-electoral. We support
clients by providing choice and earning trust.

Products and Services: Election Readiness Assessment, Operational Support
Services and Software Solutions for: Event Management, Event Finance
Management, Elector Register Management, Human Resources Management, Party
and Candidate Management, Public Communications.

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