Northrop Grumman Showcases Defence and Homeland Security Capabilities at IDEX 2011

By Northrop Grumman Corporation, PRNE
Friday, February 11, 2011

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, February 12, 2011 - Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) will highlight a wide range of
defence and security infrastructure system solutions, including airborne
early warning and control systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, fire control
radars and electronic warfare systems at the International Defence Exhibition
& Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

IDEX is the largest defence and security event in the Middle East and
North African region and in 2011 celebrates its 10th anniversary. Held at the
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), IDEX 2011 takes place from
20-24 Feb. Northrop Grumman's exhibit in the U.S. pavilion will be at Stand
03-B12 and CS-1.

"Northrop Grumman's strong relationship with the Gulf Cooperation Council
[GCC] countries goes back many decades and is built on a legacy of trust and
performance," said Paul B. Kalafos, Jr., vice president surveillance systems,
Northrop Grumman's Electronic Systems sector. "Our objective is to continue
to work closely with our customers to provide long-term capability solutions
and help enhance defence and national security across the region."

The exhibit will showcase Northrop Grumman's world-leading capabilities
in airborne early warning and control. Featured will be the E-2D Advanced
Hawkeye and the Multi-role Electronically Scanned Array (MESA) radar.

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye programme couples a newly designed
electronically scanned radar with a matching suite of sensors, avionics,
processors, software and displays to provide the most technologically
advanced command and control capability available worldwide. The AN/APY-9
radar, with a two-generation leap in capability, is the backbone of this
aircraft and provides greater flexibility and significantly improved
detection and tracking over all terrains. The first E-2D to enter the U.S.
Navy fleet was delivered in July 2010 and aircrew training is currently
underway. The programme is on track for Initial Operational Test and
Evaluation in 2013 and Initial Operational Capability in the fleet in 2015.

The MESA surveillance radar is an advanced airborne surveillance sensor
and provides national protection enabling sophisticated air-to-air and
maritime coverage and integrated friend-or-foe identification. It is the
first of its type with potential capabilities that have yet to be exploited.
MESA provides beam on demand electronic scan flexibility, revisits in any
direction at any time, extends range and special features and adjusts
coverage to match threats. A scale model of the array will be available for

The company's industry-leading Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)
programmes will be featured with a full-scale model of the corporation's
AN/APG-81 fire control radar. Also on display will be Northrop Grumman's
AN/APG-68(V)9 mechanically scanned array radar for the F-16 multi-role
fighter aircraft.

The AN/APR-39 is specially designed to maximize survivability by
improving aircrew situational awareness. The system provides continuous
360-degree coverage to automatically detect and identify threat types,
bearing and lethality before alerting a cockpit crew to each threat with a
graphical symbol on the cockpit multifunction display or video display. This
cost-effective system features state-of-the-art technology in a small,
lightweight configuration that protects a wide variety of fixed-, rotary- and
tilt-wing aircraft from today's most modern threats.

Northrop Grumman is an acknowledged leader in reliable, survivable and
modular solid-state radar technology having produced more than 300 high
performance solid-state radar systems and with over 900 ground-based radars
currently in use worldwide. The AN/TPS-78 and the TPS-703 are the latest
generation of state-of-the-art radars made possible by the technological
advances in high power transistor design. A model of the AN/TPS-78 will be
featured in the exhibit.

AN/TPQ-36 (v)10 Firefinder is a mobile ground-based radar that provides
automatic, fast and accurate locations of artillery, mortars and rocket
launchers. Handling simultaneous fire at multiple locations and detecting and
reporting positions on the first round, Firefinder extends system
performance, improves operator survivability and lowers life cycle cost.

Northrop Grumman's National Threat Management System, Vigilant, is an
advanced crisis and emergency management system. The state-of-the-art
data-mining and intelligence tool brings situational awareness to a whole new
level. The National Threat Management System is proven technology, offering
the power, flexibility and total situational awareness to meet a country's
national security needs.

The company's airborne surveillance capability will also be highlighted
with models of the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) and MQ-8B
Fire Scout vertical unmanned air system (VUAS).

Fire Scout is designed to accommodate a variety of sensor payloads to
provide unprecedented situational awareness and precision targeting support.
The U.S. Navy deployed a two-aircraft system on board the USS Halyburton
(FFG-40) in January - Fire Scout's second at-sea deployment. A three aircraft
land-based system will also support U.S. Central Command in Afghanistan early
this year. The first phase of testing was conducted on board Navy's littoral
combat ship USS Freedom (LCS-1) in November, a critical step in integrating
Fire Scout on both variants of the LCS.

Northrop Grumman is developing up to three LEMV long endurance hybrid
airship systems for the U.S. Army. This system is designed to be optionally
manned, providing the flexibility to operate with or without a crew onboard,
and sustain altitudes of 20,000 feet for a three-week period, to provide
persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability. Final
testing of the first LEMV is planned for the end of 2011.

Northrop Grumman's UK capabilities in civil defence and security
solutions will be highlighted in its exhibit in the UK pavilion at Stand

Featured will be the company's tactical command and control systems,
Integrated Tactical Command and Control Services (I-TaCCS) and Integrated
Joint Operational Command and Control Services (I-JOCCS). The core software
component of I-TaCCS is used around the world and is in service in more than
40 countries with 100,000 users. Presentations will be available on these
capabilities. Also featured will be Northrop Grumman's capability in unmanned
ground vehicle systems for remote handling of hazardous threats including
bomb disposal, tactical and surveillance operations. The highly versatile
lightweight man-portable Caliber T5 vehicle will be on display.

The company's German subsidiary, Northrop Grumman LITEF, will also be
exhibiting at IDEX and will be displaying its navigation systems for land
vehicles, sensors for weapon stabilisation, inertial guidance systems for
missiles and AHRS / navigation systems for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.
Northrop Grumman LITEF will be in the German pavilion at Stand 08-D02.

Northrop Grumman will be participating in two conferences in Abu Dhabi
during the week before IDEX, 15-17 February: the Abu Dhabi International
Offset Conference (ADIOC) at the Emirates Palace Hotel and; Electronic
Warfare GCC 2011 being run in association with the UAE Armed Forces and
hosted at the Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel.

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a leading global security company whose
120,000 employees provide innovative systems, products, and solutions in
aerospace, electronics, information systems, shipbuilding and technical
services to government and commercial customers worldwide. Please visit for more information.

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