Online Dating Creates Palaces of Hope, Labyrinths of Suspicion

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Monday, August 17, 2009

BANGOR, Maine -

- Internet Transparency and Disclosure at a Premium

With the rapid growth of international online dating, consumers need to be as completely informed as possible in order to successfully navigate the mine fields associated with finding a mate overseas. Internet dating sites offer what many times result in ultimate bliss and happiness. But to many who are unaware of how the path to overseas Nirvana works, it can become delusional.

As many international dating websites have proven to be “fly by night” operations, unscrupulous one and two man shops, even dens of online scam artists, it’s of vital importance consumers first of all understand who they are dealing with. A site that fails to disclose contact information or has no direct customer service line should raise a red flag. One simply does not know who is behind the pretty pictures and promises of love.

Conversely, complete disclosure earns consumer trust and breeds success as exhibited by a handful of international sites that pride themselves on having nothing to hide. One such portal is Anastasia International, a premiere online dating resource for Western men seeking women from Russia & CIS for friendship and marriage. Anastasia makes details of her corporate profile and ownership completely accessible, and goes to great lengths to make her operation 100% transparent. As an American company operating since 1993 with over 250 employees in Moscow and the U.S., Anastasia is a large, well capitalized firm with global reach, jointly owned and managed by Russian and American interests. Anastasia encourages direct calls to her toll free customer service numbers and welcomes visits to her offices in the U.S. and Russia. All contact and operational information is clearly detailed on her main page. Sadly, the vast remainder of international dating sites fall suspiciously short of this primary qualification for a trustworthy venture.

The public should follow their instincts when dealing with online dating concerns. As confidence is established by disclosure and transparency, online consumers become members and members find their success. Loyal clients of Anastasia, for example, once at ease with her openness and user friendliness, stay with her far exceeding the membership lifespan on any other online dating site. This speaks volumes to the reputation of sites such as Anastasia.


Founded in 1993, Anastasia is the online industry’s leading International Introduction and Romance Tour Company that specializes in connecting Western men seeking romance with available Russian and CIS women. Anastasia has over 36 million online visitors yearly, and over 600,000 letters together with thousands of phone calls and video chat sessions are exchanged daily by members on-site. Anastasia’s affiliate program incorporates over a thousand partner dating agencies from most major cities of the former USSR.

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