Bathing Beauties Take Center Stage at Anastasia Summer Classic

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BANGOR, Maine -

- Bikini Madness on the Eastern Front

It’s been a sweltering summer in Eastern Europe with the humidity climbing and the temperature reaching 100degreesF plus degrees in many parts of the former Soviet Union. Every year this prompts the beaches of the Black Sea from Sochi to Odessa plus every inland body of water from Sevastopol to St. Petersburg to teem with luscious women eager to strut their stuff in the latest swimwear fashions.

Seizing the opportunity to bring the finest in post-Stalin fresh and salt water femininity to the world, Anastasia International, the premiere online portal and romance tour company that specializes in connecting Western men with available women from Russia and CIS, is staging a winner take all bathing beauty contest. The swimsuit pageant, dubbed Anastasia’s Miss Bikini 2009, begins online September 15 at and features 54 of the most intoxicatingly gorgeous ladies from across Russia & CIS. The girls will be voted on by Anastasia’s membership in a single round, selecting one lady as the winner from each of 11 Black Sea themed beaches.

In a departure from the traditional beauty contest format, ladies competing in Anastasia’s Miss Bikini 2009 are all registered participants on Anastasia. They are also available for introduction to her gentleman members via Anastasia’s services…by email, phone, video chat, in a live date program called Date a Lady, plus any of the many Romance Tours Anastasia organizes to Russia and Ukraine. Men around the world are now able to not only vote for their favorite bathing beauty, but meet her as well.

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To prime the contest, Anastasia has released an enticing promo video with a selection of breathtaking contestants at play in a light-hearted war game in the woods. The friendly rivalry and perfect bodies in the promo are sure to get members fired up to vote for their favorite contestant. The lusty, action packed promo can be seen at

Anastasia’s Miss Bikini 2009 follows the success of other Anastasia beauty and talent contests including Anastasia Queen, Anastasia’s Miss Valentine, Blondes vs. Brunettes and the just completed Anastasia’s Miss Odessa Queen.

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Founded in 1993, Anastasia is the online industry’s leading International Introduction and Romance Tour Company with over 36 million online visitors yearly and more than 600,000 letters together with thousands of phone calls and video chat sessions exchanged daily by members on-site. Anastasia’s affiliate program incorporates over a thousand partner dating agencies from most major cities of the former USSR. To learn more about Anastasia International, please visit their informative web site:

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