'Orange Mobile Targeting Monitor' Launches in Europe, a New Intelligent Campaign-Planning Tool for Advertisers, Exclusively From Orange

By Orange, PRNE
Monday, October 4, 2010

Powered by Independent 'Mobile Exposure' Research, New Orange Service Crunches Consumer Insights in Four European Countries to Help Brands Best Use Mobile Media in Campaigns

PARIS and LONDON, October 6, 2010 - Orange today announces the Orange Mobile Targeting Monitor (OMTM), a new
campaign-planning tool for the advertising industry in Europe. Available
today, exclusively from the Orange Advertising Network, the market-first OMTM
is powered by the latest consumer mobile media insights from Orange Mobile
Exposure 2010, an independent study conducted by TNS. The new tool is
designed to help brands better understand and target mobile media users in
today's complex market, creating campaigns that combine the right mix of
mobile and other formats.

Mobile media includes listening to radio, watching TV, downloading video,
reading emails and maps or browsing. This appetite for mobile entertainment
and information creates enormous opportunities for advertisers but equally,
enormous challenges given the numerous ways they can reach mobile users such
as SMS short codes, sponsored links or content, location-based services and
interactive opt-in offers that reward customers. Helping to address some of
these challenges, Orange Mobile Exposure has revealed some of the following:

    - More than three out of four mobile media users in Europe
      think it is important that the sites they access on their mobile are
      brands they know and trust
    - In the UK, mobile media use encourages people to watch more
      television (14 per cent) and surf more on the Internet (25 per cent) -
      showing synergies for brand communication across multiple platforms
    - 38 per cent of frequent mobile media users[1] have noticed brand
      advertising when browsing the mobile web (France 49 per cent). Among
      those, over a third has clicked at least once (Poland 60 per cent).
    - Coupons and alerts for promotions are the most popular
      advertising formats in Europe

Paul Francois Fournier, Executive Vice President, Online and Advertising
Business, Orange says: "At Orange we are continually finding new ways to link
brands, advertisers and their audiences in the best way, whilst delivering a
great customer experience. By working together with our advertising clients
and giving them an unequalled level of mobile intelligence, Orange can help
brands use the right kind of media and more effectively target audiences in a
way that also brings benefits to mobile consumers."

Orange Mobile Exposure 2010 annually benchmarks consumer mobile media
trends and generates intelligent data for the benefit of advertisers. For the
first time, Exposure has been simultaneously conducted across four key
markets, including UK, France, Spain and Poland - enabling Orange to use the
Mobile Targeting Monitor to make direct cross-market comparisons for
multi-market campaigns.

For example, when looking at mobile media users interested in cars,
sponsored videos with a brief message are preferred by French and Spanish (25
per cent in both countries). In the UK, they prefer ticket or reservation
offers (36 per cent) or a text message including a link to the car brand's
website (31 per cent).

To deliver even more in-depth value for different brands, the research
includes user data across a range of different sectors including automotive,
fashion, beauty, electronics, computers, gaming, mobile and Internet, food
and beverages, travel and leisure and insurance. By simply contacting the
Orange Advertising Network (Unanimis in the UK) and submitting a brief,
advertisers can receive a bespoke analysis and campaign insights based on
their specified audience and sector. Using the Mobile Targeting Monitor,
Orange can outline the potential and appeal of an audience for a particular
brand - together with how they use mobile media, purchasing and social
behaviour, preferred mobile media formats and m-commerce opportunities.

For example, beauty brands can build campaigns based on how females in
different countries engage with mobile media. UK mobile media users
interested in beauty products are over 50 per cent more likely to use a short
code to receive info on a product or a picture or video message on their
phone. For a similar audience in France, the stand-out ad format is sponsored
pages via a browser (25 per cent), in Spain, it is short text messages with a
link to the brand's mobile site (28 per cent) and in Poland, it is banner ads
when browsing the web on mobile (17 per cent).

Jon Mew, Head of Mobile at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) says:
"As advertisers increasingly use mobile one of the main challenges they face
is knowing what the medium offers. Orange's Mobile Targeting Monitor will
help advertisers understand the technology available, how it is consumed and
how it can best work for them."

With digital audiences across five continents and 60 countries, including
over 320 million online, 30 million mobile internet and over 750,000 IPTV
customers in Europe, the Orange Advertising Network is a leading media and
digital advertising provider, uniquely addressing challenges across multiple
screens. This includes a range of innovative, opt-in mobile marketing offers
across a number of markets, such as Orange Shots in the UK.

Paul Francois concludes: "Combined with our deep customer knowledge,
expertise in mobile and our experience as both a publisher and a leading
advertising network - we believe Orange has created an invaluable service
that can help advertisers best use mobile in their advertising media mix and
let brands target relevant audiences that use or make purchases via mobile.
For Orange, this truly demonstrates how our local customer understanding can
create global value for advertisers"

About Orange Exposure 2010

Fieldwork conducted by TNS, on behalf of Orange. Research conducted in
UK, France, Spain and Poland. Calibration phase consisted of 2000
face-to-face interviews nationally representative in each country. Main
research conducted online with:

    - UK: 1,000 mobile media users and 450 iPhone users
    - France:1,000 mobile media users and 450 iPhone users
    - Spain: 1,000 mobile media users and 450 iPhone users
    - Poland:1,000 smartphone users

For more information on Orange Exposure 2010 and the Orange Mobile
Targeting Monitor::

    UK: www.exposure2010.orangeadvertisingnetwork.co.uk
    France: orangeadvertisingnetwork.fr/studies/exposure
    Spain: www.exposure2010.orangeadvertisingnetwork.es

About Orange: www.orange.com, www.orange-business.com,

[1] Mobile media users connecting to the internet at least once a month

Contacts: Georgina Hart, +44(0)7730989693, georgina.hart at orange-ftgroup.com; Beth Moore, +44(0)2030472068, beth.moore at edelman.com; Héloïse Rothenbühler, +33-144449393, service.presse at orange-ftgroup.com

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