Palringo Launches Enterprise Mobile IM Push-To-Talk Service That Reduces Workforce Communications Costs by More Than 50%

By Palringo, PRNE
Sunday, November 21, 2010

Palringo's Enterprise Mobile IM Platform Launched to Enrich Collaboration Through Individual and Group Messaging Combining Text, Push-To-Talk and picture Messaging With Rich Presence Functionality and Innovative Location-Based Services

LONDON, November 22, 2010 - Palringo the provider of the consumer mobile
instant messaging (IM) service, is today launching its Instant Enterprise
Messaging Platform - a dedicated, device- and network-independent push-to-
talk ( service that provides
enterprises, especially those with a remote or disparate workforce, with
rich, secure solution for workforce communications (

Palringo can be operated from any handheld push-to-talk device or
desktop, irrespective of network or service provider, meaning there is no
need to invest in new hardware. With the low cost of entry due to the
Software as a Service delivery model, organisations can potentially achieve a
full return on investment within as little as a month as the ability to
replace mobile telephone calls and SMS with their device can reduce
communications costs by 50%.

Tim Rea, CEO of Palringo, comments, "Even basic text-based IM
communication from a mobile device offers an improvement over SMS by
facilitating real-time discussion. Palringo's Instant Enterprise Messaging
Platform extends this to include facilities for creating groups, the
real-time inclusion of pictures into the discussion and the use of vocal IM -
a more flexible form of push-to-talk - so that companies can now improve
their workforce communications, especially for those worker that operate
remotely, in an cost-effective yet instant manner."

Benefits of Palringo's Push-to-Talk Device:

1. Cost Reduction: One of the primary benefits of Palringo's platform is
the immediate reduction in call volume - and therefore cost. Rather than
requiring multiple calls to answer a problem, an individual can simply push
out the question with their push-to-talk device, accompanied by a picture if
necessary, to a group of contacts, without the cost of individual phone calls
or SMS messages and with the immediacy of a push-to-talk response not found
via email, thus enhancing workforce communications.

2. Transforms Productivity: Field engineers, remote sales and marketing
teams and even office-based workers can be assured of optimum collaboration
and improved workforce communications through the push-to-talk Enterprise
mobile IM ( platform,
irrespective of location. In addition, instant picture sharing can enable
field workers to gain immediate feedback from colleagues on the best way to
address a specific engineering problem. Customer services staff can also use
location-based services on their push-to-talk device for an immediate view of
every group member's location and presence at any time, enabling far improved
resource management.

3. Secure and Compliant Push-to-Talk Workforce Communications: Palringo
provides a dedicated push-to-talk device to deliver higher performance,
higher availability and better security than conventional IM platforms.
Additional security can also be achieved through end-to-end encryption.
Compliance with regulatory requirements or internal quality standards can
also be achieved through automatic, robust and searchable conversation

Burnden Pepper, the UK-based firm of independent financial advisors, has
been an early adopter of Palringo's push-to-talk Enterprise mobile IM
platform, resulting in vastly improved workforce communications. Scott
, Managing Director of Burnden Pepper, comments, "Push-to-talk IM has
become a valuable and proper business tool and we treat Palringo as part of
our everyday business. With the push-to-talk tool, a meeting in the street
become a real sales opportunity. For example, I met a property buyer who had
been thinking over Christmas about purchasing a hotel, but not seriously
enough to make a phone call to ask about finance. I could not answer a given
question immediately, but asked one of the commercial advisers via the
push-to-talk Enterprise mobile IM Palringo service and received the answer
immediately. As a result, the informal chat turned into a lead that then
resulted in a deal."

Tim Rea, CEO of Palringo, comments, "The majority of mobile IM solutions
simply provide a platform for linking to popular third party services. They
do not offer the additional functionality required, such as a push-to-talk
service, to deliver real value. It is the integration of our own core
Enterprise mobile IM platform with innovative functionality such as the
ability to use both voice and text options, unlimited group chat,
push-to-talk, easy inclusion of pictures and the use of location/presence
information that is truly transforming workforce communications and

Palringo has historically been a consumer product providing users with
enhanced workforce communications via IM, irrespective of what push-to-talk
IM client their friends may use and take advantage of a greater range of
functions. The Enterprise mobile IM Platform, based on technology proven and
tested by currently millions of consumers exchanging billions messages every
day worldwide, provides a push-to-talk device which offers greater levels of
workforce communications, support, security and compliance than any
consumer-focused product.

For more information, please visit and download
the free white paper.

About Palringo

Founded in 2006, UK-based Palringo has built a new type of push-to-talk
workforce communications solution that takes the PC-based instant messaging
experience and makes it uniquely mobile. With more than five million users
sending tens of billions of messages monthly, the company has built a
hardened, scalable system that delivers a compelling user experience to the
consumer and a valuable push-to-talk tool to the enterprise.

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