Pokemon Black and White Versions

By Tesco Entertainment, PRNE
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LONDON, March 2, 2011 - Tesco Entertainment is bringing the massive Pokemon Black and White
computer game versions to its online store on the 8th March this year.
Pokemon Black and White bundles are the next big computer game release out on
the market. These bundles were the fastest Nintendo DS games to reach one
million pre-order sales in Japan. The computer game has also already sold
five million copies worldwide.

Both the Pokemon Black & White bundles will be available for the
unbeatable price of GBP29.70 via the Tesco Entertainment website.

A combined total of 156 new Pokemon, all with new features, are being
introduced to the Pokemon Black and White bundles, bringing the total number
of Pokemon between them to 649. The two games cleverly interact letting
people obtain Pokemons from the other game. The ultimate challenge is to
obtain all the characters in the Pokindex, the combination of all the 649
characters in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

The difference between the two bundles is they have their own unique
versions that have evolved forming different characters, cities, forests and
lands. This doubles the excitement for the serious fans. Zekrom is one
example that will star in the White while Reshiram will feature in the Black.
The White Forest is in Pokemon White while the Black City will be in Pokemon

For Nintendo DSi players there are some cutting edge new features making
the most of the global world we live in. Players in one game can use the new
Xtransceiver feature to chat by video with other players once player codes
have been exchanged. Standard Nintendo DS players can connect over Wi-Fi and
exchange text messages via a touch screen.

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