SnS Design Develops First Braille-Enhanced Remote Control for Portable Air Conditioner

By Sns Design, PRNE
Sunday, February 27, 2011

NEW YORK, February 28, 2011 - SnS Design, a woman-owned and operated global design consultancy, has
been commissioned to work with Haier America to design a new line of Amana
portable air conditioners. The Amana brand is licensed by Haier for room air
conditioning, portable air conditioning, and dehumidification. "Rather than
proceed with just a cosmetic redesign, we provided deep insights into home
design trends and human factors, that ultimately yielded industry leading
product design solutions," said Nisha Sawhney, CEO of SnS Design.

The barrier free Braille MagnaClik(R) remote control is an industry first
feature, and differentiated the Amana brand with retail buyers. SnS Design
empowered the Amana portable AC brand for substantial sales growth in 2011,
enabling Haier to gain sales with select retailers, such as Costco.

"While there are many design firms offering product development services,
it takes a partnering philosophy to navigate the tollgates associated with
licensed product development projects," said Sawhney. She added that
corporate product and brand managers are faced with challenges such as
implementation of brand guidelines as they relate to logos, products,
packaging, use and care guides, catalogs, advertising, and sales tool

SnS design understands that in addition to design innovation, they play
an important role in collaborating with, and supporting their clients, for
every step of the licensing process. "From concept-to-commercialization, SnS
Design is sensitive to the everyday challenges that companies face in
optimizing time-to-market product development cycles for licensed brands,"
says Andy Ziegler, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Haier. "In addition to
offering superior product design, packaging, and branding services, SnS
Design offers value added services such as complimentary market trend
research and competitive landscape analysis of price and features….services
other design firms charge for," added Ziegler.

SnS Design is a woman-owned and operated global design consultancy with
offices in New York City and India. The firm CEO, Nisha Sawhney, holds a
bachelor's degree in architecture and a master's degree in industrial design.
The firm has successfully partnered with LG, Haier, Amcor, Amana, Edi-Baur AG
and Ikan to bring innovative product design solutions to markets in Europe,
North America, Asia and Latin America. SnS is committed to exploring
eco-friendly design solutions, manufacturing efficiencies, and smart
sustainable harvesting of global resources. For photo and more information

Nisha Sawhney, SnS Design, +1-212-731-0833

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