Poten & Partners Announces New Study on Residual Fuel Oil Supply and Demand in May

By Poten Partners, PRNE
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NEW YORK, April 22, 2010 - Poten & Partners announces the May 2010 release of a new study on the
residual fuel oil markets: Fuel Oil Prospects 2010-2015.

This is the second edition of Fuel Oil Prospects. It builds on the
insightful first edition published in October 2008.

In a press release Poten says: "In 2010, weak clean product demand
continues to reduce refining rates, which in turn reduces output of residual
fuel oil. The March 2010 approved North America Emission Control Area, raises
questions about low-sulfur residual fuel availability and pricing in the
Western Hemisphere. Upcoming natural gas and coal-burning utility projects in
Europe, North America and Asia would dramatically reduce inland fuel oil burn
in the near term. Fuel Oil Prospects provides a comprehensive assessment of
the fundamental factors impacting the residual fuel markets through 2015."

Key elements of the study include:

    - ECA 1.0%S marine fuel limit impacts
    - North America ECA impacts
    - ECAs 0.1%S marine fuel limit impacts
    - Global shifts in fuel oil supply and demand balances (2006 - 2015)
    - Top fuel oil spot tanker cargo routes in 2009
    - Changing trade routes to rebalance 2010-2015
    - Fuel oil production by region 2006 to 2015
    - Residual bunker fuel consumption by region 2006 - 2015
    - Fuel oil inland consumption by region 2006 - 2015
    - Fuel oil net import / export position by region 2006 - 2015
    - Fuel oil to crude oil and clean product price differentials 2006 - 2015
    - Marine exhaust stack gas scrubbing economics

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