Precast Manufacturers Join Forces to Promote Precast Use in the UAE at the Big 5 Exhibition

By Webau Middle East, PRNE
Friday, November 18, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, November 20, 2011 -

Ten precast manufacturers from the United Arab Emirates are jointly setting up the Precast Zone in the Big 5 exhibition in order to increase awareness of the advantages of precast.  In addition, they will put together a half day seminar on precast on the afternoon of November 22, 2011 in Sheikh Saeed Hall 3 of the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

While major construction developments are announced in the Gulf region, the 10 precast manufacturers, all members of the Precast Chapter of the Concrete Society, aim towards an increased recognition of the advantages of a precast solution in construction developments. While these are widely documented and recognized internationally, there is scope for improvements in the knowledge of precast  in the Gulf region.

Enhanced product quality, reduced construction costs and time, improved development sustainability and safety are some of topics that will be covered during the seminar. The seminar will also review different types of projects in which the high quality, sustainability, and economical benefits of precast will benefit developers, including community villa developments, infrastructure works, high rise buildings, shopping centers, etc. Examples and illustrations relevant to the Gulf region and its specific requirements will be provided.

The 10 companies participating in the Precast Zone are Concrete Technology, Dubai Precast, Emarat Europe, Exeed Precast, Gulf Precast, Hard Precast, RAK Precast, Union Precast Factory, United Precast Concrete and Xtramix.

“We all operate in the United Arab Emirates, are member of the local Concrete Society, and have in-depth regional knowledge and experience of the construction industry and its regional specifics,” said one company chairman. “We have selected the Dubai Big 5 exhibition as the ideal set up to promote precast use, as it will attract both local and international organisations involved in construction developments and which might benefit from our extensive UAE experience and allow visitors to share their own perception of precast use and its specifics. We expect animated and interactive knowledge exchanges that will be of interest to developers, consultants, and other members of the industry.”

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