"Proven" and "Soft" Claims Continue to Dominate in EU - Top Ten Health Trends

By Innova Market Insights, PRNE
Monday, May 2, 2011

DUIVEN, Netherlands, May 3, 2011 - The fourth batch of generic EU health claim opinions delivered by the
European Food Safety Authority [EFSA] in April saw the previous trend of
negative opinions continue: 20% successful, 80% unsuccessful. Companies that
have upheld health claims have been quick to promote this through marketing
use of words like "proven" and "scientific support." This trend comes as
manufacturers opt for softer or passive claims [e.g. "low and light"], as
claims uncertainty continues.

Innova Market Insights reported a 4% decline in the number of
"active health" launches tracked in Western Europe in 2010 [e.g. "functional"
and "fortified" products], compared to 2009, despite 25% growth in the number
of "passive health" [i.e. "food minus"] launches. The market researcher also
noted 36% growth in the number of products with a health positioning tracked
in Western Europe that featured the word "proven."

Ten emerging trends that will impact new product activity in
the nutritionals and functional foods space have been identified by Innova
Market Insights. They will be presented at this year's VitaFoods Europe in
Geneva (May 10-12) at the VitaTrend pavilion (stand #1016):

1. "Proven" is the New Buzzword

The few European companies that have successfully navigated the EFSA
health claims maze will be keen to highlight their ingredients.

2. Return to Softer Claims

A cloud of uncertainty over health claims has resulted in a fall in
products launched on an "active health" platform.

3. New Relaxation Paradigm

A counter trend is emerging to energy drinks, focusing on creative
relaxation beverages.

4. Fruit & Veg Revival

A revival in fruits and vegetables is apparent as manufacturers focus on
inherent health benefits.

5. Joint Health Boosters

Millions of aging but active people are looking for ways to enhance their
quality of life without joint discomfort.

Other trends to be presented are:

6. Staying Immune

7. Alternative Protein Sources

8. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

9. Fiber Triumphs on Gut Feeling

10. Out of the Box Weight Loss


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